This is the final of the Japan outfits I shot, a look where I re-wore all pieces from previous days except for this gorgeous yellow shirt which I think is the feature piece of this ensemble and reminds me slightly of Sesame Street's Big Bird crossed with a flamenco dancer. Which can only be a good combination in my opinion. I'm actually struggling to think of what to write here because it's currently 32 degrees in London which apparently is the exact melting point of my brain. I even went to the cinema to try and escape the heat and ended up seeing Pirates 5 which I had no intention of ever watching previously. I totally felt the film was lacklustre and definitely not my favourite of the franchise but gosh the ending had me all teary-eyed in the best possible way... my 15 year old self is at peace.

Monki shirt / ASOS jeans / ASOS earrings / Gucci trainers



I hadn't planned on doing a blog post on my Japan holiday as I vlogged it for my YouTube channel but I was left with so many photos that I thought it would be a shame if I didn't share them. Remembering that I did photo diaries for my last two trips to Belfast and Budapest, I've also decided to curate my favourite shots that I took in Japan here and once again, let the photos do the talking. If you want to see exactly what I got up to over there, you can watch my vlog.


My least favourite thing about going on holidays is definitely the packing part. I've always been guilty of overpacking but I'm slowly but surely getting savvier at saving space and minimising my travel wardrobe. Here are some packing tips that have really helped me out:

Like spring rolls, said my Korean friend whom I learnt this technique from. You can then place each roll side my side in your suitcase and you'd be surprised by how much more you can actually fit in!

You all know how much I love dresses but I've found packing tops and bottoms to be much more efficient. You can rework pieces with others and come up with more looks using less items.

I always lay out whole outfits on my bed or even try them on and then write up for each day I'm going away, listing each piece of clothing, shoes and accessories that go into that look so I don't forget any key items as well as making sure I pack exactly what I need and not more.

A bit of a no brainer really but you definitely don't want to be packing bulky coats that you won't end up wearing because it's too warm or ruin your favourite pair of flats in the rain.

If you're anything like me and have less than lenient beauty regime (hotel shampoo isn't going to keep my hair colour from fading), pour products into small bottles, squeezey tubes or spray bottles so you don't have to bring the whole thing. I find a lot of the weight in my luggage comes from the likes of liquids.

Aside from heaviness, I find that shoes are the bulkiest and take up the most space. I try to only bring three pairs, even on longer holidays: 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of boots, and 1 prettier pair (flats or heels). Make sure they're not too 'statement-y' so they'll be able to go with everything.

Swet Shop Boys t-shirt / American Apparel skirt (similar) / ASOS earrings / Gucci trainers

So yeah, I'm quite pleased with the packing outcome of my Japan trip, I think I managed to pull some interesting looks whilst still keeping my luggage under the weight limit (say whaaaat). This is what I wore on my second day there. I've always been a fan of a good ol' t-shirt and maxi skirt combo and I hadn't busted out this particular pleated number in absolute ages (probably the last time I wore it was in this blog post two years ago whoa). Can say I'll be keeping this skirt as a memento of the now non-existent American Apparel. I'm normally not the biggest fan of orange (I guess I was two years ago though), but I just decided to go all out and play up this colour. When in Tokyo? I even wore matching orange lipstick. Mum was impressed.




Finally, the first of my Japan outfits! I was feeling a really colourful outfit for my first day in Tokyo to go with the busy, foreign environment. Does anyone else feel like they take more risks with their style when they're on holiday abroad? Something about the fact that no one you know is going to judge you and that you're probably never going to see any of these passing strangers again. I'd really like to apply this mindset to my style all the time though, even when I'm home, so I never feel any need to check myself and basically learn to feel 100% comfortable wearing whatever the hell I want. I found this rainbow stripe top at a Beyond Retro outlet sale just before I left for Japan. They were selling all items at specific prices: tops and bottoms for £5, jackets for £8, and coats for £12. Such great deals and I also picked up a gorgeous Victorian style tapestry jacket that I haven't been able to wear yet due to the heat. Anyway, I love the huge bamboo buttons on this top and I wore it as a 'shacket' over my most colourful Rogue One tee (I have quite a collection now). This jeans were also new in from ASOS before my holiday but since then they have become my favourite pair of jeans ever because they fit over my waist perfectly without needing a belt (though I did wear one to accessorise here), which almost never happens to me. I actually wore this exact same outfit last week to the first day of MCM Comic Con too where I met Donnie Yen!

Vintage shirt / Rogue One tee / ASOS jeans / Vintage belt / Acne shoes