Topshop dress / Vintage hat / Office boots / ASOS necklace / Givenchy bag

My summer style formula will forever be: dress + boots + hat = outfit. The particular items themselves may change or rotate but the structure remains the same. You know I've always been a year round black boot type of gal but it seems like my penchant for rose gold has finally crossed paths with my footwear obsession and given birth to my favourite new boots. This Office pair are utterly perfect, the leather soft and supple, the heel height comfortable and most of all, the colour such a nice alternative to black in the summer time. They're also quite amazing in that they can work as an almost skin tone neutral to pair with bolder colours or prints but the metallic-ness also makes it a statement piece when paired with some simple denim or monochrome ensembles.

Do you have a style formula that you know you can always rely on?




Zara dress / Primark belt / ASOS flats

Another recent addition to my summer dress collection comes in the form of this floaty floral number from Zara. It was one of those oversized 'one size fits all' silhouettes that I normally tend to avoid but since I fell in love with the patchwork print, I decided to try it on and was surprised to find that it's actually super flattering. I think the cut and weight of the fabric has been carefully thought out so that it drapes over your body nicely when worn loose but this time I chose to belt it to further define the waist. It's just such an easy piece that you can just throw on but on the other hand it's so pretty that it will distract everyone into thinking that you made more of an effort. Perfect.


Did I really need another neutral eyeshadow palette? Probably not, I admit. I'm surely one of those girls who owns an excessive amount of neutral eyeshadow palettes by justifying that they all contain different shades of browns. In saying this, I wear these types of muted, natural shades on a daily basis so really if you put it down to cost per wear, it makes perfect sense right? Enter Kyshadow, the latest offering from Kylie Cosmetics that sees her branching out from her previous lip products. I'm a big fan of the Kylie Lip Kits (I pretty much wear one every time I do my makeup) so I was super intrigued by The Bronze Palette but unfortunately I missed out when it sold out within a minute during it's first release (it had made it into my cart and everything, such a heartbreaking moment). What doesn't kill you makes you stronger though and I set all my alarms for the restock and sat refreshing my computer for a good five minutes before it went live. This time I managed to successfully check out and once I was sure I had a confirmation and order number, it was down to playing the waiting game. Finally this palette landed on my doorstep two days ago and seeing as I couldn't wait to try it out, I thought I'd give you my first impressions.

The Bronze Palette measures 4.25 inches in length and width and consists of nine neutral eyeshadow shades. They are all warm tones and mainly matte, with the exception of two that are slightly shimmery but more of a satin finish. The first thing I noticed as I swatched the eyeshadows on my arm was that the colours were not as pigmented as the ones in my current palette arsenal (Stila, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc). In fact it took about five layers to build up the colour seen in the above swatches and I felt as if I really needed to press my finger into those shadows to get the colour to transfer. When applying to the eyelids however, it doesn't go on streaky or patchy as I'd feared and in fact they are quite smooth and easy to blend. I love the shade range and the versatility of all the colours, though I feel like the palette is seriously lacking some shimmer. I'd like the option of having a sparkly eyelid most days and the two shades that aren't matte (Quartz and Goldstone) hardly pack a punch and could almost be mistaken for a matte from a distance. The last thing but perhaps the biggest thing that bugs me is the lack of a mirror. They could've easily fit one on the underside of the lid.

The Bronze Palette retails for $42 USD/ £33 and though I absolutely adore the shades in this, if I had had the option to see and try this out beforehand, I would not have purchased it. In my opinion, the quality of the eyeshadows are subpar in comparison to most other palettes out there that are around the same price range. I'll definitely be sticking to the lip kits.


Vintage dress via Beyond Retro / Office flats
The yellow houses of Nyboder in Copenhagen were so pretty, I went back the next day with the mindset to shoot this particular dress (brownie points if you remember it from my vintage haul video). I knew the backdrop would bring out the yellow in the intricate print but I hadn't actually planned on my hair fading out on holiday to almost exactly the same shade of blue as the dress too. Now it almost seems entirely too matchy-matchy, but hopefully it worked out for the better and the lovely Danish folk didn't mistake me for the third banana in pyjamas...