Friday, 16 November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M haul

Since there's no H&M in Perth where I used to live, I have little to no experience in what to expect when one of their designer collections launch. When I arrived at the Singapore store at 9 in the morning I was surprised to see that there was not only a large queue but they were handing out wristbands with allocated times to come back, plus you were only allowed to shop for 10 minutes! not only was it very difficult to get around to see all the pieces within 10 minutes, I could hardly come to a decision on what to get. In the end I picked up these three pieces:

The famous sock sweater! These were literally flying off the rack and I'm so glad I managed to snatch the last one in my size. It's a really nice quality sweater in fail-proof colours but made to look like it was made from different sock pieces (I'm not sure if they were actually socks though)!

A chunky off-white cardigan with a nice collar to layer up with in London. I think this is just one of those go-to versatile pieces you can throw on over any outfit.

This bodysuit would look fantastic with american apparel disco pants or anything high waisted, with a leather jacket to avoid looking too 'naked'.

What do you think of the MMM collection?



  1. Love it! Omg 10mins to shop! I dnt think I would have made it as far u did in 10mins! Very much love the sock sweater- perfect for London weather! x Apple.

    1. Hehehe! How cute is the sock sweater right, it feels a bit funny wearing it though, they really feel like socks XD

    2. Sock on ur body instead of ur foot... Lol! So bored I'm waiting for the bus! x Apple.


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