Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Topshop dress / Rayban sunglasses / vintage Prada bag / Chloe flats / Burberry watch / Tom Binns Alice in Wonderland bangle

I got this dress in the Topshop sales almost two years ago and I've worn it so much since it's kind of embarrassing. Today I went on a hunt for a charger for my Samsung digital camera (I left mine back in Perth waahh). I'd looked absolutely everywhere with no success only to find out much later that I could simply use a Blackberry charger. I'm exhausted now haha.

Also I'm leaving for London tomorrow! Hope I won't suffer from jetlag too badly and will be up and blogging in no time.


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  1. Oh I forgets to bring a thing or 2 when I fly. Good thing the Blackberry charger worked! I dnt thing the iPhone charger will work on cameras haha :)! Have a safe trip tomorrow! x Apple.


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