Friday, 21 December 2012

there and back again

Topshop dress (so old) / Miss Selfridge coat / vintage Prada bag / Topshop beanie / Office boots

Today I just went to see The Hobbit and had a walk around Oxford St, so here's a quick snap of my outfit before I headed out the door. I've been living in this knitted dress I got from Topshop a few years ago now, it's so comfortable and unrestricting plus its majorly warm! I was left a little disappointed after the movie actually, most of the scenes looked so unnatural and full of CGI, I'm not sure why this was the case since the past LOTR movies did not seem this way at all. Also, Thranduil was only in it for like ten seconds (ok so I realize the elves will probably be featured more in the next two films but come on I can't wait that long, give me something to live on, Peter Jackson). I thought Martin Freeman did such a great job at playing Bilbo though, I was pleasantly surprised.

Have you seen The Hobbit? What did you think of it?
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