Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ghost of parties

UNIF jumper / J.Crew Pixie pants / Converse sneakers / Clubmaster Raybans

This oversized jumper has been the most worn item in my wardrobe for the past month, the longer length makes it great to throw on with leggings on those lazy mornings when I don't feel like dressing up. No makeup, a pair of sunnies and some comfortable shoes later and I am ready to face the world. Then at the end of the day I can simply kick of my shoes, jump straight on the couch and catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Do you guys have a typical lazy day outfit?

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Becomes the Colour

In addition to loving the film Stoker and it's soundtrack, I came upon this beautiful video accompanying one of the songs. It shows the creation of the actual movie poster intertwined with footage from the film itself. I think it's just as visually stunning as the film was and hopefully gives you a bit of inspiration on a Monday morning.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

You're nothing till the weekend

Warehouse coat / H&M top / Topshop skirt & boots / Miu Miu bag

A little over a year ago I got into the habit of only carrying small cross body bags because I had developed a hernia. Since then I've had surgery to repair it but I still can't shake off the tendency to grab the same type of bag before I head out the door. This is actually the biggest bag I own and I usually only use it for travelling, but today I thought it went with my outfit quite nicely. I'd forgotten how insanely handy it is to be able to chuck everything in and not have to lament a forgotten item halfway through the day.

What kind of bag do you usually go for?


Monday, 22 April 2013

Go ask Alice

Forever21 sweater / American Apparel skirt / Zara parka / Jeffrey Campbell boots / Mulberry bag

I don't normally gravitate towards Forever21 because I rarely find anything I like, but since I spotted this Alice in Wonderland sweater I think my outlook has changed. The print actually continues around the back too, wish I had remembered to take off my parka to show you guys. Next time! These Jeffrey Campbells I've had for a while but I don't wear them as often as I should because they're pretty heavy and I'm usually running around all day. The combination is just a sure fire way to tired legs. I absolutely love how they look though and weight issues aside they're very comfy.

I just remembered Emiliana Torrini's cover of White Rabbit as I was typing up this post, so good.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Got answers for everyone, endless excuses

 Zara coat / Topshop beanie and boots / Alexander Wang bag

Another variation of my favourite colour combination and probably the last since it's finally starting to feel like spring in London. It's about time to switch to jackets and cardigans but the windier days do merit me to wear this Zara coat out which, although has probably been seen on everyone and their mums these days, is still one of my favourites. The structured, fold over collar and small studding on the sleeves adds interest without being so out there that you couldn't pair it with everything in your wardrobe.


Monday, 15 April 2013


Jac Vanek beanie / Topshop jumper & dress / UNIF creepers

I found this box on the balcony of the new apartment, it's not any herb that I recognise and I don't know what it's for. If any of you know what 'BBQ herbs for runners' means, please let me know in the comments. I'm gonna keep it here though because it kinda looks quirky and I like it. Along with this, the previous occupants also left two huge trees inside and they seem to have grown their branches across the windows so I can't close any of the blinds in the living room. Sometimes I'll just be chilling on the sofa and it'll go all autumn on me and shed leaves on my head. Ah well these little oddities kinda make the place more special to me! Onto my 'moving in' outfit, I've worn my super old leopard skater dress from Topshop again, along with a more recent purchase, this bright blue jumper which is perfect for throwing on top of almost anything and brightening up an ensemble. I actually moved my stuff in to the new apartment all by myself with a taxi so to finish off a much needed comfy outfit I wore my beloved UNIF creepers and a beanie so I wouldn't have to worry about my hair at any point during the day.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Nars 'The Happening' palette

This has been my go to palette for the past month. It consists of four eyeshadow shades and Nars' cult blush and bronzer, Orgasm and Laguna. The eyeshadows are basic enough for quick every day wear but still quite versatile, sometimes I like to add more of the darkest brown in my outer corner for a smokier look or I'll line my top and bottom lash line with the purple to bring out my brown eyes. The eyeshadows also have a lovely consistency but I find that the glittery shades can leave a tiny bit of fall out on your cheeks if not careful. I simply sweep it away with a powder brush after I've done my eye make up. The matte dark brown eyeshadow would have to be my favourite of the four, it's super creamy and easy to blend. It's also the most pigmented out of the bunch though, so a little goes a long way and work with a light hand to ensure you don't end up with panda eyes. As for the blush and bronzer, I'm sure you all know about Orgasm and Laguna. I've been using these two as a failproof cheek combo for years but it's really convenient to have them both in one palette now.

Do you have a palette you've been using religiously?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Out of Print sweater / Topshop collared top / Zara coat / American Apparel skirt / Office boots / Prada bag

Literature was one of my favourite subjects in high school and I remember writing many essays on The Great Gatsby and really enjoying studying the novel. A new film remake will come out this year and I must say I'm really looking forward to it and seeing how it compares to the 1974 version. It was a pretty cold day so as usual I layered a collared top underneath this fleece sweater and paired it with a velvet skirt (I have these in a few colours as I find them to be super warm and also the heavier material means that they don't tend to blow up in the wind). My hair's faded into this strange green colour as I've been too lazy to re-dye it because it's been so chilly (my excuse), coloured hair can seem like so much maintenance sometimes but I'm not too fussed about it to be honest, I'll get on it when I feel like it.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Ben Whishaw

Today I have a little story for you. In 2006, I sat down and watched a movie called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. The leading actor caught my eye immediately, he was incredible in the role and managed to convey so much emotion with quite limited dialogue. I mean it's not often you can feel sympathy for a killer and soon afterwards started my love for a certain actor named Ben Whishaw. As I grew up and my interest in films broadened, I watched him in various projects. From his melancholic portrayal of troubled poet John Keats in the visually stunning Bright Star, to the witty and adorable panache he gives to the character of Freddie Lyon in the tv series The Hour, I became quite intrigued in how this young actor switched so effortlessly between his wide spectrum of roles. To top it all off he appears so extremely shy and down to earth offscreen, which to me just further enhances the fact that he can transcend that in his acting. I was pretty pleased last year when I heard he had been cast as the new quartermaster Q in Skyfall, but even more so when it was announced that he would be doing theatre alongside his co-star Judi Dench the following year. I secured tickets as soon as they became available and have been counting down the days since then. It was such a wonderful experience seeing him act live right in front of my eyes, that energy simply emanating from the actors and bouncing through the audience. It's hard to explain the magic of theatre but I can say it was made even more special by the presence of my favourite actor. Afterwards I met Ben and managed to tell him what an inspiration he's been to me, also giving him a little sketch I did of him. It was such a surreal day, one that I had to share with all of you.

Have you seen any of Ben Whishaw's work? Do you have a favourite actor?


Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Zara coat / J.W Anderson for Topshop bat jumper / American Apparel velvet skirt / Topshop blouse (worn underneath jumper) / Converse sneakers / Proenza Schouler bag

I just moved into a new apartment and the wifi hasn't been set up yet so for the moment, the local Starbucks is my best friend. Advance apologies for blogging a little less actively in the coming week but of course I will try my best. As you may have noticed I have dyed the ends of my hair teal. I took some time debating the colour but in the end this is what I was really feeling. I had dip dyed hair for over two years and it's strange but when I got rid of it, I didn't feel quite 'me' if that makes any sense. So I'm glad to have it back. On to the outfit, I got this bat sweater before Alexa Chung was spotted wearing it so I was oblivious to the fact but I heard that it sold out really quickly afterwards. It's such a nice chunky knit which is great because I've been wearing jumpers everyday in this weather, it's just too cozy not to. Also I added a little Totoro charm to my bag, safe to say it will be staying there for a while.

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