Friday, 31 May 2013

Sophie Turner for 1883 magazine

Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner for the June issue of 1883 magazine

Photography / Alena Jascanka
Styling / Chad Burton

I absolutely adore Sophie (helps that she portrays my favourite character in my favourite tv show), and now this is my favourite photoshoot she's ever done (how many times did I say that now). I'm definitely inspired by the use of St. Martins Lane Hotel interior and floral arrangements to offset stunning geometric and monochromatic themed pieces by Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein, Ashish, and Alberta Ferretti.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


I went to see Muse last weekend and though I was feeling a little under the weather on the day, they definitely pumped some much needed adrenalin back into my system and by the end of the night I was feeling bright and awake. It was the third time I'd seen them live, the previous two being in Australia so it was such a great experience to see their huge following here filling up Emirates Stadium. Having been bruised and battered at the barrier in the past it was also the first time I had watched them from the stands. It was a different perspective getting to see the crowd react and the talented trio owning the stage that's for sure. The setlist was perfect too, loved that they played quite a few of their older songs!

What are some of your favourite bands?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Your joy is my low

Nasty Gal dress / UNIF creepers / UNIF backpack / Pretty Polly tights

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A quick post showing the full outfit I wore to the IAMX show detailed in my previous entry. I threw this outfit together last minute knowing that I wanted something all black and comfortable.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


This post has been long overdue, I struggled a little to put my experience into words and I didn't really want this blog post to be a blabbing, gushy mess (not sure if I achieved this or not but here we go).

Music has been my first love ever since I was little, I am constantly listening to it and being inspired by it. A good chunk of the time I am listening to IAMX, who I discovered around 2006 and has been my favourite artist ever since. For those of you who don't know, IAMX is the solo project of former Sneaker Pimps member Chris Corner. His music has provided me with so much comfort growing up and has helped me through many tough times. I think in a way it's shaped me into the person I am today. Living in Australia I never thought I'd get the chance to see IAMX live but now that I've moved to London it was pretty much number one on my bucket list.

A few months back I got a Meet & Greet opportunity for the London show that was happening in April and although I'd never been more excited for anything in my life, I was also super anxious. What do you say to someone who you've never met but has made such a profound impact on your life? I decided not to think about it too much and soon enough the day finally came.

I had done quite a large painting of Chris back in my last year of high school (which was 2009, whew I feel old) and I'm gutted that it was too big to bring to London but I did have a photo of it to give to him, as well as a more recent pencil sketch I did.

Three other fans and I were let in to the venue early to watch the soundcheck, and the moment I saw him on the stage and he waved at us was when it really hit me that I was about to meet my favourite musician. After the soundcheck, their manager led us up to their dressing room shortly followed by Chris and the rest of the live band. To my surprise, I was perfectly composed when I introduced myself and he proceeded to give me a hug. I think it really helped that he was absolutely lovely and very friendly in real life which definitely put me at ease with the whole situation.

He remembered the photoshoot that I went off of for the 2009 painting and then proceeded to tease me about the fact that I left off a buckle on his hat in the sketch. It was pretty funny.

I cannot adequately describe the live show afterwards. It was simply the best experience of my life. The songs seemed to resonate through my bones like something more familiar to me than my own self. I got quite emotional when they played a certain track called Spit It Out, it was the first song I heard of IAMX and the one that has led me on this magical musical journey through the years.

I will end this post with two IAMX video clips for those of you who are yet to be subjected to his artistry; one being my all time favourite and the other is more recent yet no less hauntingly beautiful.


Monday, 20 May 2013


ASOS beanie / Zara pleather jacket / Illustrated People cropped sweater / Topshop floral skirt / Topshop boots / Kate Spade bag

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So it's getting cooler again just as we're supposed to be heading into summer. This is going to be my first ever summer in London, so hopefully my constant confusion at dressing appropriately for the weather doesn't come across too obviously in my posts. As my go to style is usually a top tucked into a high waisted skirt, crop tops have become the ultimate staple in my wardrobe. They do a great job at accentuating my waist without the trouble of having to faff around with layers coming loose. I threw on this adorable beanie to stop my hair from flying all over the place in the wind (yes that is the main reason for beanies nowadays instead of keeping my head warm) and now I never want to take it off. Walking around with ears is definitely an effective way to while away the rainy days.


Thursday, 16 May 2013


I had high tea at The Berkeley after hearing about their unique designer inspired treats. Every season they model their cakes and biscuits after popular pieces off the runway.  A booklet detailing exactly which designer item inspired which dessert was provided. After a long internal conflict on potentially eating and ruining the beautiful creations (I mean look at that cute YSL bag), I can safely say it was all worth it and I was in a happy food coma for a good few days.


Monday, 13 May 2013

BAFTA TV Awards 2013

Last night was the annual BAFTA TV Awards here in London and although the weather turned sour in the evening, many still braved the wind and rain to walk the red carpet. I wore a Topshop dress, Zara heels, Mulberry clutch, Marc Jacobs earrings, and Regal Rose midi rings. I also opted for tights just before I left, a decision that I was grateful for in the end, along with using nearly a whole can of hairspray in my hair.

It was my first time at an awards ceremony and I ended up enjoying every minute of it. Once I got inside, the venue was lovely. My seat was quite far from the stage but I could still see everything clearly, I think the design of Royal Festival Hall is quite clever like that. Graham Norton hosted the show and was as hilarious as ever. 

The following pictures below aren't mine but here are some of my favourite actors that were in attendance.
Ben Whishaw
 Jenna Louise Coleman
Sienna Miller
Oona Chaplin & Joe Dempsie
Gwendoline Christie & Charles Dance
Romola Garai
Damian Lewis & Helen Mcrory

The highlight of the night for me was definitely when Ben Whishaw won the Best Actor BAFTA. I literally squealed and jumped out of my seat when they called out his name, he has been my favourite actor for some time and totally deserving in my opinion (see my post on meeting him here).

The night ended with people clapping, cheering, laughing, and even crying. It was a fantastic time for everyone to come together and celebrate the television industry, whether they were winners or not. I left with a huge grin and typically sore feet but most importantly many fond memories of an unforgettable night.

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