Monday, 1 July 2013

Almost everything could be forgotten

Miss Selfridge sweater (similar here)/ American Apparel velvet skirt / Office boots (similar here) / Prada bag

I found this amazing sweater in last season's sales and decided to style my whole outfit based on it's monochrome theme. I haven't worn a completely black and white outfit in a long while so it feels pretty refreshing. My best friend and I had nothing to do today so we went to see World War Z and were both pleasantly surprised, having gone in with a lack of fondness for zombie movies and zero expectations. Apart from its almost excessive use of Muse's track Isolated System, it was very gripping and suspenseful without being too gorey to the point of fake and cheesy. Overall it was totally entertaining and enjoyable.


  1. love your outfit, and your hair :) I'm gonna go see World War Z, I'm quite looking forward to it. My bro has read the book, and is a big zombie fan. It's a bit weird sitting next to him watching films...he laughs hysterically when heads are flying everywhere and stuff like that. If I didn't love him to bits, it'd be seriously creepy. LOL xoxoxox

    1. Omg I have the same problem with my friend, in fact she laughed at the quietest moments haha it was a teeny bit embarassing. Hope you enjoy the film! x

  2. I always think black and white outfits are the most classy! I'm still yet to see World War Z - on my list though!

  3. Gorgeous in black and white.

  4. Love this monochrome look- with just the pop of colour of your hair! xx

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  6. I love those boots they go well with the outfit

  7. great look honey, i really love it!


  8. I've just found your blog and it's so great! I love your style.. Been wondering: shall we follow each other? Via bloglovin' :) Let me know!


  9. Definitely lovely dear! The monochromatic effect is balanced by your hair streak. Nice color dear Andini! :)

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  10. I still prefer Walking dead to be honest. But it was enjoying without seeing much blood of WWZ. Cool punk look.

  11. love your hair

  12. Fabulous post!
    Thanks for sharing sweetie
    Have an amazing day
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

  13. You are a beautiful girl. I love this outfit with the velvet skirt. I have a very similar one from H&M and I love it :)

  14. I really want to see World War Z! Love your jumper xxx

  15. I like your shoes!


  16. Great look! I love your skirt! xxx :)

  17. Can not believe that World War Z turned out to be so good. Love you outfit as always! x A.

  18. love the unique hair you got. it adds up the to the look.


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