Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rooney Mara for Calvin Klein 'Downtown' fragrance

My affinity for Ms. Mara continues but I was honestly a little surprised when she was announced as the new face of Calvin Klein's latest fragrance, as she's pretty much been the walking poster girl for all things Givenchy post The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm not sure how I feel about the promotional images, she looks absolutely beautiful but the Lisbeth style biker jacket and classic black and white photography fails to make much of an impression in my opinion. 

The theme continues but works a lot more effectively in the video commercial though. Directed by TGWTDT's David Fincher and backed by another Yeah Yeah Yeahs track, the short film follows Rooney 'day in the life' style and manages to be alluring, adorable, and totally chic at the same time. The cinematography is interesting enough that it doesn't need to fall into the way of those typical perfume adverts where someone's trying to sensually attract a member of the opposite sex and you don't really get the point in the end (you know the ones I'm talking about). I wish they could've conveyed the theme of the video more in the still advertisements too, but hey to be honest they had me at 'Rooney' and I will definitely be trying this perfume when it comes out in September.



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  2. OMG I love Rooney Mara! Awesome pics.


  3. She's awesome, but I see what you mean about the photos- they're beautiful, but not super memorable! xx

  4. she is beautiful

  5. I completely agree with you here. I like the commercial (especially the Yeah Yeah Yeahs track) but the photos are quite dull and not very memorable. I find perfume campaigns pretty terrible, in general, and pointless, like you said, with just some girl swanning around in her knickers for no reason! LOL. I like the edgy vibe of this, and it is quite typically 'Rooney' :) xx

  6. She actually looks like a model in the campaign so I don't mind it, but I hate it when they get celebrities to endorse products instead of actual models. I get you with the photographs being a bit meh!

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  8. she looks so lovely!

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  9. She is stunning!
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  10. You look so beautiful! You should be a model! :))

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  11. I love this ad! She looks beautiful xxx

  12. so beautiful and a special!

  13. I like how this commercial is black and white and how its not like the normal perfume ads as you said. Definitely would like to test it out when it comes out! x A.


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