Thursday, 4 July 2013

Supanova Expo Perth 2013

Last weekend I attended Supanova in Perth, an annual expo on all things pop culture. Each year they have awesome film and tv stars in attendance, along with signings and panels throughout the day, a vast array of stalls selling merchandise any fan could dream of, competitions, interactive activities and of course, cosplayers galore! I went with some of my closest Aussie friends, one of whom dressed up as Rose from the ever so popular web comic Homestuck and made her costume almost entirely from scratch. I wasn't planning on cosplaying as anyone but earlier on in the week I had picked up this sailor-esque dress from Dangerfield and so decided to wear it. Throughout the day I had the likes of Bradley James and Eoin Macken from Merlin ask me if I was Sailor Moon though so perhaps it was a more effective 'costume' then I thought (a full outfit post will be up next). 

Here are some of the coolest costumes we found! Do you recognise any of these characters?

Last but not least, some of the film and television actors that made their way down under for the convention. Everyone was just so easy going and lovely, I sincerely hope they all enjoyed their time in Australia and mingling with the fans here. 

Bradley James

James & Oliver Phelps

Karl Urban

Eoin Macken

Eve Myles

Have you ever been to any conventions like this? I'm definitely going to look into ones in the UK now that I live there.


  1. Oh everyone looks awesome! Especially you! xx

  2. Oh my god, eoin macken is sooooo hot! He's the main reason I watch Merlin, you're so lucky. And your dress is the cutest <3

  3. cool pictures! you look amazing <3

  4. This looks like such amazing fun! Everyone looks so good!

  5. You looked cute as! Are you filipina?

  6. this looks like such a fun time!


  7. Haha I went to Supernova a couple of years when I lived in Sydney + Animania. It's always so much fun / kind of bizarre!

    Great pics!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I love how much effort everyone makes xxx

  9. Oh my gosh some of these characters scared the hell out of me haha! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. thanks for following me! love your blog, so I have followed you back lovely :) xx

  11. Hey dear, nice blog!
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  12. Oh my god I LOVE the Minecraft outfit haha! So good!x

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  13. Really enjoyed running around Supernova! Loved chasing epically after Jon Snow! Ur outfit does remind me of sailormoon! haha x A.

  14. GREAT Post!!!


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  16. Cannot believe I have not been to a convention, what is my life?!?!


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