Friday, 4 October 2013

Music of the moment #4

While it seems to be Sky's personal life that has been taking over the internet lately, my view on her music has not been affected and her latest single is an upbeat, catchy tune that I find myself dancing around to (sometimes even have to stop myself in public). I can hardly wait for the long awaited release of her debut album, Night Time, My Time on October 29.

What have you been listening to lately? As always feel free to leave music suggestions down below.


  1. I absolutely love Sky, despite recent events, and her music is amazing. Did you see her in the video for Diane Young by Vampire Weekend? xx

    1. Yess! Too short of an appearance though in my opinion, hehe.

  2. Great video!! I like it!!
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  3. I love this song, was just playing it. Gives me a weird sense of serenity haha x

  4. I think Sky is so beautiful and you're right about this song!


  5. love it, dear!

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    love, Yulia

  6. Love this song! You've got me dancing myself now :)

    elissex.blogspot,com xx

  7. Can'y wait for her album!!! It's coming out on Birthday as well - FABULOUS! I love her song 'Everything is Embarrassing' - reminds me so much of the year 2013 :')

  8. Her voice is beautiful. x A.


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