Tuesday, 1 January 2013

happy 2013!

H&M coat / Zara sweater / American Apparel skirt / ASOS hat / Alexander Wang bag / Office boots

Happy New Year! Hope you all had an unforgettable NYE! Unfortunately my plan to watch the fireworks was majorly disrupted by an untimely lung infection I caught just yesterday. It's a minor one but I have been unable to leave my bed and stop coughing profusely. The doctor has given me some antibiotics though so hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon! Meanwhile I have a few blog posts lined up that should keep my blog active while I recover so please bare with me.

I got this coat in the sales, it was 75% off which I thought was way too good to pass up (and I love anything burgundy or furry haha). I'm also taking advantage of the less windier days to swap my usual beanies with hats. These photos were taken a few days ago on Portobello road, where I spent the morning walking through the markets there. They had stalls upon stalls filled with the most gorgeous looking vintage books (including one of the first published editions of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland can you imagine?). Unfortunately the owner got quite cranky when he discovered I was trying to take photos of them. Oops.
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