Monday, 25 March 2013

Holographic nail polish

I'm obsessed with all things holographic at the moment so naturally I had to pick up this nail polish on my last visit to Topshop. I'd never tried this type of polish before so I was curious as to how it would apply and appear once painted on. This shade is called 'Winterfrost' and in the bottle it looks like fine iridescent glitter particles but as you can see on the nails it definitely transfers to give more of a 'holographic effect' where the particles change colour in a rainbow gradient when light hits it. It's difficult to photograph this polish and do it justice, it really is stunning without being too flashy at the same time. The glitter is so miniscule that from a normal distance it simply looks like a lovely silver metallic shade with a rainbow sheen to it. The formulation is not any different from Topshop's other polishes, it's very easy to apply and goes on opaque with two coats (I topped mine off with a layer of Seche Vite). I highly suggest going into your local Topshop and seeing this in person. I'm looking forward to trying more holographic shades from different brands.

Have you tried holographic nail polish? Do you have any recommendations?

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