Monday, 8 July 2013


Dangerfield sailor dress / Converse sneakers / Basic scoop neck top layered underneath

Here are some more detailed shots of what I wore to Supanova. The previous week I went to my favourite Australian store Dangerfield and fell in love with this dress but for some reason had no intention of wearing it to this very anime influenced convention until my friend suggested it. The dress is actually sleeveless but it's winter in Perth and I didn't want to hide the collar underneath a jacket. Since I knew I'd be on my feet all day I opted for my trusty dusty white converse, and decided to add red lips. I used Limecrime's Velvetine in Red Velvet, which amazingly didn't wear off at all throughout the entire day! I only re-applied once and that was because I felt my lips were getting a bit too dry. The overall look made me feel a little like Sailor Moon for the day which was probably an apt thing for Supanova.
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