Friday, 25 October 2013


Neon Rose lace shirt*/ Neon Rose skirt*/ ASOS coat / Muffy's saddle shoes / Mockingbird pin / Winnie the Pooh ring / Celine sunglasses / Prada bag

This week has consisted of rain, rain, and some more rain. It's been more of a challenge for me hopping over uneven cobblestones and on and off public transport with a busted knee but throw in some waterworks and I am officially moving at a snail's pace to avoid slipping. My converse and beloved saddle shoes have been taking turns in supporting me as my reliance on comfy shoes is at an all time high.

 Do any fellow Game of Thrones fans recognise this Mockingbird pin? I found it at a stall back from Supanova Expo and have taken to wearing it to try and fill the void in my life while I wait for season 4.

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