Thursday, 5 December 2013


UNIF jumper / Topshop skirt (super old) / Topshop necklace (sold out in lime green but other colours here) / UNIF bag / Miista shoes

Playing around with textures is something I've only just gotten into recently. I dug out this floral skirt I've had for around four years now because I thought the purple shade would match nicely with this colourful fluffy jumper and ended up loving the textural contrast. People always ask if it worries me that you can see the contents of my bag but I honestly don't think I carry anything that interesting, I mean transparent or not you assume that everyone has a purse and phone right? Plus the plasticky material makes it super easy to wipe clean anything that I may spill on it as I am a total klutz. I'm off to Paris for a few days with my best friends this weekend, so excited but I am an extreme packer procrastinator ahh but I hope that typing this up will actually remind me to get a start on it!

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