Sunday, 15 December 2013


Hobbs coat / Ted Baker jumper / American Apparel skirt / Office boots / Proenza Schouler bag / Totoro key chain

Now it's well and truly winter, it became apparent that I needed a padded down jacket that would both insulate my body heat while keeping out the worst of the strong winds and still being light enough to walk around in for an entire day out. A problem I encountered on my hunt was that most of these types of outerwear can look rather bulbous and unflattering on my figure. I try one on and immediately feel like the Michelin Man (but like less cute). One day while I was in John Lewis, I laid my eyes upon this green coat from Hobbs and felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria as I realised it ticked all the boxes. It's shaped throughout the body with a drawstring at the back to tighten the waist, thinner and lighter than most of my coats yet still the warmest. I will be throwing this beauty on over all my outfits this Christmas season.

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