Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BAFTA TV Awards 2014

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the BAFTA TV Awards in London. For the occasion I wore an Alice by Temperley dress* that was kindly sent to me by Wish Want Wear, a fantastic evening dress hire website with a huge variety to borrow for a fraction of the price. If you're anything like me and dislike being seen in the same memorable dress more than a couple of times so you can't justify the price on a cost per wear basis, this is the perfect solution for all your special occasion needs. I fell in love with this particular dress' all over sequins, graduated stripes and simpler shape, it just felt very 'me' and I love to still be comfortable at events. The dress arrived in pristine condition and fit perfectly (they also have a great system where you get to choose two sizes to get sent out to you so you have a back up to try). I paired it with some gold studded Zara flats and my favourite clutch of the moment by PsBesitos, who hand-makes a huge selection from all sorts of classic book covers. I styled my hair in loose waves to give my overall look a more casual vibe and for makeup I used the Stila In The Light palette (my number one go-to for neutral eyes) and Limecrime's Red Velvet Velvetine on my lips as I wanted something that would stay put all night.

This year the awards were held at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and was once again hosted by Graham Norton. I thought the venue was a bit of a squeeze but the good thing about this was that although my friend and I were seated close to the back, we still got a clear view of the stage. The awards got well under way after a short and funny introduction by Graham and though this year I wasn't rooting for anyone in particular to win, the excitement in the audience as each celebrity presenter announced the nominees in each category and finally the winner was palpable all night long. There was a lady behind me that was quite vocal with her whooping and clapping, although I appreciated her enthusiasm, by the end of the night she had given me an ear ache and it was a tad awkward for the people on stage since they were broadcasting it on TV hmmm. I remember watching Olivia Colman accept her award at last year's ceremony (blog post on that here) and her genuine tears when she spoke her thank yous were just as touching when she won again this year, she's such a wonderful actress. I'd never seen Leading Actor winner Sean Harris' work before but his speech was in turn as hilarious as it was humbling, it was definitely a highlight of the night. There were also plenty of familiar actors presenting, including Martin Freeman, Hannibal's Hugh Dancy and my all time favourite Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones. It was a very memorable night and I had a really wonderful time.

I need to put a little bit of a personal update now, but if you follow me on other social media you may know that I've just lost someone very dear to me and am having quite a difficult time coping, I'm not going to lie. I will be putting this blog on the sideline for a while although I don't want to say that I will be completely gone because I do really love blogging and I feel as though it can be a great outlet for me. So posts may just be a bit more sporadic until I can get back on my feet again, please bear with me.

Thank you so much and lots of love,

Friday, 16 May 2014


First of all thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments on my last blog post, each and every word helped me more than you know.

If you've seen McCains Chips for Tea ad you might not be surprised that apparently there was a huge demand for the fun jumper worn in it after it aired, and they teamed up with Primark to release them for real. It's definitely a lovely knit for spring and makes a quirky statement, like seriously who doesn't love chips?

In the spirit of Spring I also got my hair done a bit lighter, though I told my hairdresser that I was still too lazy to be dealing with any colour up keep so she left my roots natural and gradually painted a mixture of lighter shades to the ends and she did this technique where she teased my hair up beforehand so some strands got coated in bleach and some didn't which I think made the blend with my real hair colour more natural.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Instagram Interlude & Personal Babble

I've had a bit of a stressful time lately in regards to some things in my personal life and as a result I feel as though I've been lacking on the blogging front and it's been a struggle to get posts up, let alone finding inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. I haven't even had the motivation to put together outfits recently. I don't really disclose a lot of personal things on this blog (not only am I the worst at opening up to people but I constantly feel as if I'm complaining and getting on people's nerves eeep) but at the same time I'd like to make more of an effort to share things with you, because I think it's always nice to be able to have more of a connection with the blogger behind a blog if you know what I mean. Anyway sorry to those of you who aren't interested, I hope my mental block will dissipate soon and I'll be back to my usual self. In the meantime here are some my Instagram photos to catch up on from these past few weeks (I do post pretty much daily on there and more so on my life outside of blogging so feel free to have a nosey). I've been going on heaps of walks to help take my mind of things (my dog Fischer has been the best company and these strolls have really made me appreciate how beautiful London is) and I've started drawing for leisure again as opposed to producing artwork for uni which I find just doesn't feel the same, I guess deadlines make all the difference. I'm adamant on making time to start painting again too. Also I've been to the cinema quite a lot, I reckon watching a film is a great way to lose yourself for a few hours. What are some of your favourite ways to de-stress and relax? Throw some of them my way please.

Public bathroom selfie of my new hair colour • Met Michael Fassbender at the Frank screening in London

Early morning coffee with Fischer • A walk in the park

Sketching two of my favourite Game of Thrones characters • Saw Eddie Redmayne at the tube station

Memorable fruit salad with pomegranate sorbet at Liberty • Missing my best friend in Perth

Switched out my phone case • Stopping to take in the view over a bridge

Perfect pastel bag I found at Primark • Trying out Limecrime's Pink Velvet Velvetine

The most delicious & comforting hot drink for peanut butter addicts • Bumped into Tom Hardy in Soho (did you notice I've just been living in the same jacket all this time)

Lunch with mother dearest • Sophie Turner being adorable at the Game of Thrones London premiere

In hindsight, despite everything I've had a wonderful past month, it's always good to count your blessings I think. I'm also super excited to be attending the BAFTA TV awards this Sunday, so expect a blog post on that soon!

Lots of love and thanks for sticking with me! xx


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Anna Sun

ASOS dress / Zara jumper / Proenza Schouler bag / Topshop shoes

Grabbed this jumper in the last Zara sale on a bit of a whim but knew it would be a versatile layering piece for my wardrobe. So here it is incorporated into a very typical 'me' outfit. I went to see Frank yesterday, being a fan of Michael Fassbender I was rather intrigued to see why he would spend an entire film wearing a papier-mache mask over his head and obscure his lovely face but I convinced myself there's more to a film than that and boy was I right. It was quite random (in a good way, I was cracking up the whole time) and endearing, I ended up really liking it. Oh and the soundtrack was awesome too, that's always a plus!


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Garden of Earthly Delights

Choies sweatshirt / Topshop Jamie jeans / Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop choker / ASOS sunglasses / ASOS bag / Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights is one of my favourite paintings so when the opportunity arises why not wear it? Thought it would be fun to play off the colours in the artwork as well with this pink diamante choker and blue/green duochrome bag and sunglasses, then left the bottom half simple with one of the only pairs of jeans I own. I've also been lusting over the 1461 Heaven Dr Martens that feature this same artwork on them but they seem to have sold out everywhere and I really don't want to pay more than the original price for them. One day I dream of acquiring a pair and becoming a head to toe walking piece of Bosch art haha.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Theatre - Martine starring Hannah Murray

"When you're away I can't survive without her, I keep talking to her about you. And I hurt her. I seem to have to do it."

A line from the play Martine, which I had the pleasure of seeing a few days ago. A line that initially piqued my interest for I am often drawn to a heart-rending and possibly ill-fated love story. A line that ultimately deceived me as in context, followed a tale rather different than I had expected yet no less haunting and prominent. Martine is a French play first written in 1922 by Jean-Jacques Bernard. This English revival translated by John Fowles, set in rural France in the summer of 1920 just after the Great War, tells the story of a girl by the name of Martine who chances upon the road, a young soldier just returned from the fighting in Syria. They fall in love but soon complications arise, stemming from differences in their upbringing and lifestyle, and also from the people around them.

It is a brilliant study of psychology, exploring why different characters behave a certain way around each other and how experiences impact and come to shape our personalities. It also brings to the surface the difficulty of communication in human relationships, something that I think is always relevant. There's also something about it which reminds me of the film 500 Days of Summer, perhaps it being a life story as opposed to a love story. Hannah Murray (of Skins fame and more recently Game of Thrones) shines in the lead role, bringing a sense of melancholy that seems to hang thick in the air, threatening to pull at the audiences' heart strings. The rest of the cast are equally brilliant in developing and bringing Martine's story to life, I particularly enjoyed Leila Crerar's performance as Jeanne, a character whose arrival throws quite a spanner in the works.

The venue is Finborough Theatre, a place I'd never previously been to before but it was simple enough to find via public transport. Set above a cozy and welcoming pub, the theatre space is rather intimate, in fact it is probably the tiniest play area I've ever been in, the square room measuring about 5 seats wide on each side. Despite feeling severely cramped and borderline claustrophobic before the play had even started, I noticed that the seats were very comfortably cushioned which pretty much banished (or at least balanced out) any previous complaints of mine because if you're gonna be sitting in the same spot for three hours, I feel this is quite important and sometimes venues seem to overlook this (the new Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare's Globe is my worst nightmare). The setting begins with an understated silhouette cut out of an apple tree and a bench below it. As the scenes unfold, props such as chairs and tables are moved on and off stage by the actors and overall everything is executed quite simply yet effectively. Also the costumes were a dream, made me wish I could travel back in time but most importantly I think each person's outfit(s) really enhanced their different characters so a job superbly done by the wardrobe department.

The play was extremely moving and at the end when the actors take their bow, I noticed that Hannah was close to tears, not quite out of her character yet. I definitely enjoyed it but a large part of the feminist in me didn't particularly warm to how the character of Martine was written, but I guess you've got to remember that this was a play from 1922 and overall it was a minor detraction for me. I would 100% recommend seeing it, it's a beautiful and interesting story told by a bunch of stand out actors that was an absolute joy to witness.

Martine is at Finborough Theatre until 17 May 2014 (book tickets here)

Images 1 - 4 via Finborough Theatre


Friday, 2 May 2014

Talk that Talk

Zara coat (exact style) / ASOS beanie / Zara top (similar) / Topshop skirt / Vagabond boots / Regal Rose necklace and rings

How dreary has the weather been? At least it's an excuse for me to wear my coats for a while longer (this is also one that I rediscovered in my previous spring clean) and dark lipsticks (Talk that Talk - RiRi hearts MAC). I've always liked the look of those American Apparel circle skirts but found that the denim material was too stiff for my liking and didn't drape flatteringly over my wide hips. By chance I tried on this super similar one from Topshop and found that it's made from a much more supple denim, loved it and had to add it to my collection.
Photos: Emily Wheeler

The other day voting for the Company Blog Awards closed (thank you to everyone who took their time to vote for this blog) but now the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are open here, I would also tremendously appreciate it if you could nominate Adventures of an Anglophile for Best Established Fashion Blog. Thank you xx

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