Thursday, 9 January 2014

Stained Glass

Nishe top (sold out but more from their range here) / Primark skirt / Chloe boots

Here's an outfit I wore when I visited Milan with the family last year. I only stayed for a weekend because dad had some work there but it was still a unique experience as I'd never been to Italy before. Unfortunately the two days I was there, I seemed to have brought the rain over with me from London. Despite this I was still adamant on exploring as much of the city as I could even though I'd only packed my Chloe boots with me, which aren't the most practical in said weather conditions. I usually like to plan my outfits before I travel so I don't overpack but this time the trip was a spur of the moment thing on my dad's part so I ended up chucking in some failsafe tops and high waisted skirts to mix and match. On the first day there I ended up pairing this Nishe collared top (how cute are the heart shaped elbow patches?) with this stained glass print Primark skirt as I liked how the two patterns looked together.

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