Sunday, 16 February 2014

Leopard & Emerald

I must apologise for yet again appearing in this green velvet skirt, I don't realise I wear it so often until I look back on my outfit photos. I'm not even sure why it's my go to skirt, I mean green doesn't exactly come to mind as the most versatile colour (what happened to the classic burgundy velvet skirt?) Anyway I thought it went quite nicely with this outfit that I wore meandering the marketplace over the weekend. The lovely pond/water feature thingy in the background is in the middle of a park that I often walk Fischer in and last time he fell in and my friend had to rescue him because I didn't want to get wet or I was too busy laughing and taking photos of the whole situation I can't remember. This morning I walked past the Royal Opera Hall and saw the extent of the preparations for tonight's BAFTAs, I'm looking forward to watching it on TV. Feeling kind of nostalgic that it's already been a year since last year's BAFTA TV awards which I attended (blog post on that here) and viewing it from the couch just won't be the same.

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