Thursday, 26 June 2014

Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2014

One of my favourite pastimes growing up in Perth was attending Supanova, a pop culture expo that happens in different states of Australia throughout the year (kind of like our smaller version of Comic Con). I've been lucky that since I've lived in London, I seem to have come back for a visit around the time that the expo graces Perth each year (end of June). Supanova is the ultimate place for everyone to let out their inner nerd and fangirl with like-minded enthusiasts. Each year they bring over some famous faces from well-loved film franchises and television series, authors of novels and comic illustrators, and host panels, Q&A and signing sessions throughout the day. The rest of the showroom floor is filled with lines upon lines of stalls selling merchandise, artists' booths, gaming areas, and food. On top of all this, many people attend dressed up as their favourite fictional characters and the costumes really are spectacular (many of them are handmade too)! I was so inspired by all the creative outfits over the weekend, I'm definitely thinking of cosplaying if I end up going again next year.

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