Monday, 8 December 2014


Lush Shoot For The Stars bath bomb and The Christmas Penguin bubble bar

I'll be honest I was never really a bath person, mainly because there wasn't a bath tub in the house I grew up in and with no prior experience, I had this view that taking one was essentially like sitting in a puddle of one's own dirt. It's safe to say I have been totally converted, what with all the colourful new products constantly on display in Lush shop windows and the alluring scents wafting out onto the street every time I walk past, it seemed inevitable really. I picked out this bath bomb and bubble bar from their limited edition Christmas range because a) they smelled delicious and b) they looked adorable, which is probably the general consensus about all Lush products anyway.

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb has a very sweet scent that I first related with vanilla but reading the description it is meant to have the same smell as the famous Honey I Washed The Kids soap, which was actually the first Lush product I tried back in the day. Upon dropping it into the bath water, the outer blue dissolves away to reveal pink trails that propel the bomb around and around as it dissipates. The end result is a very pretty two tone effect in the water that mixes into a deep indigo colour once you get in. This bath bomb contains Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil which made the water feel super nourishing and in turn made my skin feel oh so soft when I got out.

Never having used a bubble bar before I decided to crumble it under the running water (ohh poor penguin, I almost didn't want to use it at all) after I popped in the bath bomb. Since then I've found it more effective to just hold the product so that the water runs over it until your bath is filled, it seems to produce more bubbles this way. The little penguin smells quite citrusy and as well as adding the bubble to your bath, it's chock-full of essential oils. I loved both these products and since then have purchased a couple more bath products from Lush. I find myself making excuses to have baths as much as possible now, it's my favourite way to wind down in the winter!

What's your favourite Lush bath product? Leave me suggestions below since I am a bath newbie!

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