Monday, 15 December 2014


Continuing with my goal to explore more of England, I made a quick trip to Cheltenham for a Literature Festival they were hosting over the weekend. I didn't get to witness any of the horse racing the town is known for but I did get to catch up with Sophie who was going to do some poetry reading on the day. Sometimes I forget about poetry and am more inclined to pick up a narrative when browsing for books but hearing some of poetry's greatest hits being read at the event has rekindled my appreciation for it. A good poem is able to transport me to a certain moment, regardless of whether it's happened to me or not and that's pretty magical. There's a particular one Sophie read that I especially adored called The Knight's Tomb by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it reminded me a lot of Sansa Stark who is not only my all time favourite female literary character but also of course the character Sophie portrays in the television adaptation Game of Thrones, so it was definitely befitting.

I recently invested in my first ever leather jacket, it's so buttery soft (I sometimes catch myself stroking it throughout the day hah) and I love the silver hardware on it. It's also shaped throughout the waist which means it fits perfectly! I'm so happy to have found one for my wardrobe. Also bonus points for unintentionally matching and being leather jacket buddies with Sophie on the day. I decided to use it to toughen up this dainty pink dress from Miss Patina aka one of my favourite clothing brands for cute vintage inspired pieces. Unfortunately there were no cameras allowed once the event started in the theatre but many of the poems read can be found in this book. It was really wonderful to see the age range present at the event with whole families going and even taking really young ones along. I think it's a great idea to introduce children to literature from a young age, and have their imaginations take flight instead of being dictated through computer games. 

Are any of you from Cheltenham or have visited? I'd love to go back again someday!

P.S. Check out Sophie's cute tweet!

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