Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Temperley London dress (sold out but super similar here) / Valentino flats

I stopped by John Lewis the other day, truthfully just to use the restroom but on the way there I spotted this dress hanging on a rack. I saw that it was by Temperley London, so automatically deduced it would be way out of my budget. I just couldn't seem to put it down though and on closer inspection I saw that there was only one left, that this last piece was in my size and that it was marked down to half price. If that wasn't fate, I don't know what is. Actually before I bought it I noticed a wide pink stain all on the side of the dress but when I asked the staff about it, none of them seemed to be able to see it *eye roll* like okay maybe it was light pink but it was a stain nonetheless, shouldn't it discounted further or something? Luckily my local dry cleaners worked some miracles and managed to get it back to its pristine white condition. Anyways now I'm still having a major love affair with this dress, I wore it to the first day of London Comic Con but decided to pair it with a vampy lip and studded shoes to avoid looking too bridal.



Sunday, 26 July 2015


Started to feel slightly delirious the morning of LFCC Day 3, think the non-stop excitement, early mornings and lack of sleep were beginning to catch up on me. Still, I managed to avoid any make-up and hair mishaps and put my costume on the right way around. We arrived at Olympia exactly the same time as the day before but was surprised to find that the queue was much shorter. I guess everyone was in the same boat and just couldn't be bothered waking up early. Much like yesterday I had all my photoshoots scheduled before midday, main reason being that I prefer to get them done when I think I still look fresh faced as opposed to haggard after a long day. The consequence of this however, is that you don't have much time to get from one photoshoot to the next especially if you factor in the long queues and distance between different photo booths (some of them were on different floors). 

First on our list was Iain Glen aka Jorah Mormont and it was kind of funny for me because my friend has a huge crush on him and I got a lot of enjoyment watching her fangirl in the queue to meet him. After that we had to head up to the second level (check this, there's always a queue to head upstairs too) for our photo with Rose Leslie (Ygritte), whom we were meant to have met yesterday if not for her flight being delayed. Luckily the staff were really organised and we were conveniently slotted in for the morning photo session. Rose is always so chirpy and lovely, the previous time I had met her I remember her needlessly fretting that she had blinked in our selfie together and today she said that she loved my cosplay! She always manages to put a smile on everyone's face and took her time saying hello and listening to people's photo requests. A particularly memorable photo came in the form of a couple in front of me cosplaying as Jon Snow and Ygritte, and they asked her to pretend as if she and the girl were fighting over the boyfriend/Jon haha. Next was Harry Treadaway (Victor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful) but we ended up arriving at his designated photo booth a little late and the staff there told us to come back for his afternoon photo session instead. Which then meant that I had to trek it all the way back to where Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow in Game of Thrones) was taking his photos. Does running around and up and down Olympia count as exercise because I feel like I burnt a good amount of calories just from doing this. 

Needless to say after all that running around we decided to go up to level 3 to cool down (hellooo aircon!) I spotted so many awesome cosplays including a GoT 'Walk of Shame' one with a blow up doll 'Cersei' and Bandit Roy from one of my favourite films, The Fall, which I thought was rather niche but a great choice since you don't really want to be turning up in the same costume as someone else (crazy abundance of Khaleesi cosplayers, take note). As we made out way to the signing tables, we saw that Finn Jones' (Loras Tyrell in GoT) wasn't busy at all so we went up to say hello. That man is constantly so full of energy, it's kind of hilarious. Our photo together at last year's Comic Con is still one of my favourite things ever. Not long after, Harry Treadaway returned to his spot and we also decided to get something signed. His autograph and dedication was so 'punny', I almost died.

I didn't go to any panels this year because I was honestly just disorganised and though I didn't mind missing the GoT one this year, I kind of regret not going to the Penny Dreadful panel. At least one pro was that I had a much more relaxed and chill time this year as opposed to spending most of the day stressing out about where I had to be at any given time. Cosplaying for the first time in my life was an amazing experience, it was so much fun and I loved getting used to being called 'Sansa' by complete strangers for a whole weekend. Also shout out to the guy who recognised me as myself and said my real name before asking for a photo, it was lovely to meet you. LFCC 2015 was definitely the best it's ever been and I'm already counting down to next year's event!

All photographs were taken by me, please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.


Friday, 24 July 2015


I set my alarm for some ridiculous hour on the morning of London Film & Comic Con Day 2 because I was adamant on doing as good a job on my hair and make-up for my cosplay as possible, so I would at least remotely resemble Sansa Stark. I had aimed to get to the Olympia venue at around 8.30am before the doors opened at 9am but on the way there I was starting to second guess my decision as I saw people tweeting that they had been there since 7am and that the queue was already shockingly long. My stomach sunk as I arrived and the reality was that the queue had snaked it's way from the entrance, all around three sides of the venue, into the carpark and in an 'S' shaped formation. It probably took me a good ten minutes just to walk to the end of the queue. Despite my initial despair, I spent my queueing time excitedly chattering with my friends and admiring all the amazing cosplayers that walked past us and as soon as doors opened the line moved relatively quickly and I found that we made it inside the building in around fifteen minutes.

I had all of my planned photoshoots before lunch time so I spent a good part of the morning running around (well as close to running as you can in a long gown amidst 100 000 people) trying to find the relevant photo booths I was meant to be at. It's definitely a good idea to have the floor plan of the venue on your phone before the day starts. My first photo was with Carice Van Houten who plays Melisandre the Red Woman in Game of Thrones. She's one of the few GoT cast members I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before so I was looking forward to it. I later heard accounts that other LFCC attendees thought she was a bit rude but my own experience was fine and she was pleasant enough. I think she may have been a little under the weather though because apparently by the end of the day she was taking longer breaks and not personalising any autographs. That aside, I then headed to my next photoshoot which was with Luke Pasqualino of Skins (which was everything to me back in the day) and The Musketeers fame, and I can now vouch that he gives the best hugs ever. Afterwards I had a photo with Rose Leslie (Game of Throne's Ygritte) scheduled but a staff promptly explained that she had been delayed on an airplane and that they would change over our photoshoot times to Sunday instead.

This took me to around midday and then I regrouped with my friends where we decided to explore the second floor which was the Young Adult Literature Convention section mixed with a bit of gaming. One of my friends was working at this level so it was nice to see her for a bit. Also this floor and the one above are my favourite because they're really efficiently air conditioned which is always important when you have cosplayers dressed as the likes of Jon Snow. The top floor is where most of the stars sign throughout the day. I said hello to Reeve again and watched Carice meet fans for a bit (she had the most people lining up for an autograph out of anyone). Hayley Atwell came back from a break not long after and then everyone swarmed to her. 

Near the end of the day we took a look at the Funko Pop stall and since they were doing a cheaper deal for three figurines, I came home with a Loki and Twelfth Doctor one while my friend picked up a Green Arrow one. My cosplay held up remarkably throughout the day and though I sometimes felt like a human slingshot when someone stepped on my train and then proceed to release it, nothing got damaged. This was also my first time wearing coloured contact lenses (mine were from Desio) and they weren't really uncomfortable though they do dry out a bit faster than my regular lenses, that wasn't an issue as I had eye drops on hand. It was a great second day of LFCC and I have to give kudos to the staff and crew for making it a much more well organised affair than last year. Day 3 will be up on Sunday.

All photographs were taken by me, please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


It's probably a testament to how much of a geek I am that it's always my favourite time of the year when London Film & Comic Con rolls around. This year marks my second time going to the UK's biggest pop culture convention, though I'd often gone to similar, smaller expos in Australia. With many stars from my favourite television shows announced as guests (Game of Thrones guys, come on) and the fact that I had planned on cosplaying for the very first time in my life, I could not have been more excited for the weekend ahead. 

The venue had moved from the previous year at Earl's Court to the much more convenient Olympia in my opinion. I'm not even sure if it's actually a bigger capacity but the space inside the building is just much nicer and with 4 floors, it's much easier to get around then to have to exit the building to get into another function space like at Earl's Court. LFCC started on Friday as a preview day of sorts. Opening at 1pm, it was relatively quieter (Friday was the only day that wasn't sold out ie. they were still selling tickets at the door), not all the celebrity guests would be there and not all the stalls were open. Deciding I would start cosplaying on Saturday, I wore instead an Alice Temperley dress (sold out but super similar here) and some super comfy Valentino flats. I must say the whole event was superbly organised and while the queue that had snaked itself around the building seemed daunting when I arrived, it only took us a maximum of fifteen minutes to get in after the doors were opened. First on my friends and my hit list was Reeve Carney, better known as the impeccably dressed man who plays the enigmatic Dorian Gray in the TV series Penny Dreadful, though others may know him more as the rocker who broke Taylor Swift's heart in the I Knew You Were Trouble music video (does anyone else automatically just think of goats whenever the word trouble is brought up?) Needless to say, he was lovely and I enjoyed chatting with him about San Diego Comic Con and snakes and of course, that insane Penny Dreadful finale that's still left me reeling. Also that pose we're doing in the first photo was an attempt at a waltz à la Dorian and Lily but I've hardly ever danced in my life and Reeve had pretty much forgotten too, haha.

I also stopped by to say hello to Keisha Castle-Hughes, the Oscar nominated actress from Whale Rider but more recently Obara Sand in Game of Thrones, you all know how much of a fan of the latter I am so yep, I had to and she was super sweet too. One thing that Reeve mentioned to me was that he thought there were more cosplayers at SDCC than LFCC but I concluded that this was only the case because it was Friday and many of the attendees (like me), had not bothered to dress up just yet. However I still spotted some great ones, including this pretty true to life Cinderella and Thor. 

I spent the rest of the pleasantly quieter half day wandering around the stalls, which at LFCC is always a collector and a nerd's best fantasy, selling every type of merch imaginable. Artist's own illustrations, handmade themed jewellery, and a vast array of Funko Pop figurines are just a taste of what was offered. I always want everything I lay my eyes upon (especially if it's GoT related) but I took a step back to evaluate what I really needed and what I didn't (more like what could still fit in my room). Then it was back home to get ready for Day 2, where I was getting ready to debut my first cosplay effort and expecting a long but super action-packed and fun Saturday. I've decided to split my LFCC posts up into the three corresponding days so they wouldn't be too long, stay tuned for the next installment going up this Friday.


Monday, 20 July 2015


A different, very special OOTD post today (or more accurately OOTW - Outfit Of The Weekend), showing my full costume for London Film Comic Con. This is the first time I've ever cosplayed for anything and I have to say I'm quite pleased with how everything came together. Of course for my first cosplay I had to be my all time favourite character, Sansa Stark, and I thought since I still had long black hair (let's ignore the grown out ombre), I could pull off her 'Dark Sansa' look ie. Alayne Stone. I'm unfortunately rather challenged in sewing so didn't attempt to DIY her feathered dress. Instead I found this brilliant replica on Etsy, along with her signature necklace. I had dismissed the idea of a wig almost immediately what with my ridiculously thick head of hair, which meant attempting to copy Sansa's twists on my own locks. Luckily her hairstyle isn't as elaborate as some of the other Game of Thrones ladies' but despite being quite comfortable with all manner of braiding, I just couldn't master how to stop these hair twists from unravelling (I tried the clockwise then anti-clockwise technique to no avail). The finished result ended up being a little messier than I would've liked but there was nothing that a few bobby pins and a huge spritz of hairspray couldn't sort out. For the make-up, I went for a much natural look than I usually do, as it seems Sophie wears barely any as Sansa, perhaps just a light foundation and a touch of blush. Alas not being blessed with Sophie's razor sharp cheekbones and piercing blue eyes, I had a bit more work cut out for me. After foundation, I attempted some light contouring with Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. The bronzer shade in this palette is ashy enough to fake a shadow under the cheekbones which was perfect as I didn't want my skin to appear too bronze (it's already an issue that my complexion is so much darker than Sansa's). On my eyes I simply swiped a shimmery nude eyeshadow all over the lid and blended out a tiny bit of brown in my crease (both shades from Stila In The Light palette), before skipping the eyeliner (gasp!) and just applying a few generous lashings of my favourite mascara. A natural pink gloss finished off the face. Last but not least, I decided to swap out my clear contact lenses for some blue ones. I wore this get up to both days of Comic Con and the best part was that Sophie Turner herself tweeted her approval first thing in the morning! The only downside was that as I'm not used to wearing something with a train, it got trodden on many times throughout the day when I forgot to pull it up, but that's a small price to pay for feeling super badass otherwise. A post on everything that went down at London Film & Comic Con will be up next, so stay tuned!

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