Tuesday, 29 September 2015


First stop for this season's London Fashion Week journey was a blogger breakfast hosted by Disney to celebrate the Minnie: Style Icon photographic exhibition that explores the character of Minnie Mouse and her influence on fashion and pop culture through the decades. Mercedes-Benz, who are official sponsors of LFW, were kind enough to provide a smart car to pick me up and take me to the Soho venue. There were quite a few of these cars transporting all manner of LFW attendees this season, each with a custom Minnie Mouse design decorating it. Mine was blue with polka dots and bows. The Minnie Style exhibition was created in partnership with the British Fashion Council and model Georgia May Jagger, who lends her own photography work, eerie multiple exposures of herself and someone in a Minnie Mouse suit (unfortunately these weren't allowed to be photographed). Also shown were images from an editorial Georgia did wearing Minnie themed pieces as well as other famous Minnie inspired shoots throughout history, including Madonna in Tokyo 1987 shot by Herb Ritts, and Chanel Iman for Vogue Germany. Photographs from the 1930s till now showcase the birth of Minnie, from the very moment that inspired Walt Disney to create her to following her evolution into animation, it was all very interesting to see, especially how major fashion houses such as Dior and Lanvin created outfits for her that then became inspiration to what she wore in cartoon form and vice versa, how much Minnie, with her bow and polka dots, has left her imprint on decades of ever-changing fashion. It was so nice to catch up with Sophie from Fashion Slave and to meet Fashion for Lunch, getting to hang out with other bloggers is definitely one of my favourite parts of LFW. After a full tour and a delicious breakfast and coffee, they sent us off with a Polaroid Socialmatic camera, which, as well as printing instant photographs, can also upload to various social media with wifi! How nifty is that? On the way to Brewer St. Carpark I bumped into Olivia Purvis from one of my favourite blogs, What Olivia Did, and she's just as sweet in real life as she appears to be.


Sunday, 27 September 2015


I had a relatively quiet LFW season this time around and only went for two days out of a total four. For the first day (which was actually the second but my first, if that makes any sense), I went for something more relaxed and comfy as I had an early start and not much time to get ready. The seventies vibes were out in full force as I paired the newest addition to my striped top collection (this one has a lace up front to keep it current) with my tan suede coat, praying that London would defy itself and not rain and make me smell all musty. I also wanted to try something different with my hair, and since a 5am wake up call is not the best time to trial this, I made use of Regal Rose' s awesome new hair clickers, which, as the name implies, just clicks onto your hair and makes it look like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did! These Alexander Wang boots that you might have seen in my Youtube video were definitely going to be my shoe of choice, I've worn them almost every single day for the past two months and even from the get go, they were super comfortable. The heel height is the perfect amount of support too if like me, you often find flat flats too errr... flat. Oh and I think this is the most detailed debut of my yellow/lime green hair on my blog! You would have seen if you're following me on Instagram that not too long ago I got a grey ombre done at the hairdressers in Singapore but turns out it was rather difficult to maintain the grey by myself so one day I decided on a DIY hair jobby with Manic Panic's Electric Banana. I'm quite fond of the shade now and it lasts for absolute ages before fading.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


On the 11th of September, Muse were on BBC radio to announce their upcoming Drones world tour. My friends and I decided to wait for them outside the studio as we were all massive fans. What we weren't expecting was a surprise gig revelation at around 11am while we were there. The trio would be playing the Electric Ballroom in Camden that very night with tickets being sold at a first come, first served basis at the venue. Immediately we cancelled all our other plans for the day to leg it to Camden as there was no way I'd be missing the possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my favourite band and coincidentally one of the world's biggest, play an intimate setting like the Electric Ballroom. Another push was the fact that I've been going to their shows for the past eight years, ever since I was still living in Australia and no matter how proud I am of their ever rising success, every time a bigger arena tour is announced, I can't help but get super anxious as I don't usually hold up too well in a mosh pit, let alone in one the size of a stadium. At around 2.30pm (a good three hours after they posted about the surprise show), we arrived at the Electric Ballroom. The realist in me had thought that there was no chance of us getting a place as the venue is tiny but it turns out that they have the capacity to fit a thousand people in and my friends and I were number 200 and something so you bet we got our hands on some tickets!

Muse have a repertoire of being the best live band in the world, and although there's always a risk of me being biased, it's probably true, just go ask anyone else. Stripped of all the flashy effects and machinations of their typical stadium shows, the band truly showcase how rich on the ears the music they produce is. The band opened with Reapers, off their latest album Drones, and unsurprisingly the majority of their 90 minute set was composed of newer material. I was super pleased that they played The Handler, which is one of my favourites off the new album (the other being The Globalist, which they've yet to perform live). Halfway through the gig, fans banded together to repeatedly chant for them to play 2006's Assassins, to which Matt Bellamy apologetically responded that they didn't have the right bass for it. I'd been wondering what the final song of the encore would be and I was beyond ecstatic when they launched into the powerful intro of the epic Knights of Cydonia. Matt Bellamy has a voice from the gods that can go from belting out a rock number to a soaring falsetto in slower songs. Combined with his unmatched guitar skills, the mad drumming machine that is Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme's beautiful bass and background vocals, the trio (plus live keyboardist Morgan, we mustn't forget him) always put on a show that in the words of another audience member I overheard, instantly becomes 'The best gig I've ever been to'. I came home completely bruised and battered after a long day but it was more than worth it and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The Setlist

The Handler
Plug In Baby
Supermassive Black Hole
Dead Inside
Drones D&B
Time Is Running Out
Stockholm Syndrome

Knights Of Cydonia


Monday, 21 September 2015


That Topshop dress that needs no introduction. I actually saw this dress with my own eyes as Alexa Chung walked past me on the way to the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week. Yeah I was a mere half metre away from her and all I could do was gawk because it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my life. Since that moment I dreamed of owning one and I set an alarm for when it went on sale on the Topshop site. This is my first ever piece from their Unique line and it’s even more glorious in person. The silk material is so light and comfortable to wear, breezy in the heat but somehow insulating in the cold. It hangs so nicely on your body and the extra full skater skirt swishes magically with every little movement you make in it. Of course I love the detail with the high neck and floaty sleeves, it feeds my seventies style obsession. Okay I’ll stop singing all the praises now as I’m sure that’s even more annoying than the fact that it’s sold out (wahhhh).

PS. Apologies for my posting being a little all over the place lately. I have heaps of content to publish but it's been a super hectic few weeks and at the same time I don't want to bombard you all. I'm trying my best to post things in chronological order but do want to keep events write ups relevant so if my hair colour jumps back and forth between OOTD posts, that's why haha. FYI, I had brown ombre, then grey, and now lime green (my instagram is where I update daily).


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