Wednesday, 2 September 2015


All those long winter months, trekking on uneven cobblestones and running for the bus in heeled boots and all manner of insensible shoes in the rough weather can lead to some pretty dry, cracked skin and hard calluses. It was certainly a shock for me when I inspected my bare feet in the lead up to summer. I thought I'd share my current foot care routine as I've found some products recently that have really changed my life and resulted in some super happy feet.
The star of the show is Scholl's Express Pedi diamond foot file*, a battery operated apparatus that effectively sands down any hard, dry skin to oblivion, leaving you with soft and summer ready tootsies. Before I was sent one, my dad had actually recommended the device to me, telling me it was quite the miracle worker. I have to wholeheartedly agree. I'm usually quite lazy to go for pedicures and am often quite guilty of neglecting the part of my body that actually does the most work day to day. Now I quite simply turn on my Express Pedi, position the roller file on the part of the skin I want smooth and then apply a gentle pressure. Hold the device still on the area for a few seconds and as it spins it gently buffs away. Any hard skin on your foot is completely banished and I was pleasantly surprised to find that even tough corns and calluses (TMI but true) disappear after a few minutes of using the Express Pedi. It's particularly great for around your heel area and the balls of your feet.

After I have filed away all the hard skin on my feet, I follow up with Lush's fair trade foot lotion. It leaves you feet moisturised, extra soft, and smelling fresh and pepperminty. I find it extremely soothing after a long day of walking and like to slather it on just before bedtime so I can put my socks over it and retain the moisture overnight. The following morning, your feet will feel brand new.

Outtake: When your dog photobombs your product shots...



  1. I REALLY want the express pedi it looks awesome, and the lush foot cream is awesome, just stains my socks ;) xx


  2. this looks great!

  3. The express pedi sounds fab, may need to invest in one! Also that outtake made me cackle ahaha x

  4. My grandma actually has the Express Pedi, I love the way it works. I really want to get one of my own. And I may try the Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion, you can never go wrong with Lush. xoxo

  5. I need one of these, so cool :) And I love Lush...could live in the store, haha!! xx

  6. I think I saw Tanya Burr talking about this same Scholl product and since then I've always wanted tot thy it it sounds so fab!

  7. I need that Lush foot lotion in my life, I've previously been using a Burt's Bees product but this one sounds lovely! xx


  8. Love your photography! <3 I normally swear by my PedEgg, but this looks fab! I can almost smell the Lush Lotion!! xx


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