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Madness of Muchness
Little Shilpa SS16

Do we live to dream, or dream to live? We are all cases of parallel existence: drifting in and out, curious and satiated, cautious and reckless, sane and what's that shape in the clouds?

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

At a point, this dichotomy collides inside our dream laboratory and ignites our imagination. Just like falling down a rabbit hole, we are living examples of mind-scaping experiments. Reality, after all, is just the bun Of a burger, encasing something we need to bite deeper to truly appreciate: so warp around it, hover over it, giggle along-side it, dream big under it and stay one step crazier ahead of it.

Being an occasional mad-hatter might perhaps be the only way to stay sane. The madness of muchness exists, because no one IS completely and hopelessly ordinary. After all, "And what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversation?"

We are our own wonderland. We're custodians to a make-believe, but concrete, yonderland. With imagination on full throttle, nothing could be anything could be something could be everything could be so many things! But isn't it always the case? Like, Which dreamed it?

Curiouser and curiouser!

This madness license, and the consent of muchness is, thus, Little Shilpa's premise in paying homage to the curious world of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland for her SS16 collection: fittingly, as the year marks the 150th anniversary of perhaps one of the world's most quintessential books on fantasia, innocence, wanderlust and the occasionally surreal discourse.

Concentrating on denim as the foundation fabric, along with crepe, silk, polyester and synthetics, the basic tee is used in varied lengths like long-calf as well as uneven. Mixed pleated add-ons in the form of multiple prints and textures and laser-cut seams , accompany black & white head-pieces inspired by the theme.

I almost wish I hadn't gone down that rabbit-hole—and yet—and yet—it's rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

Little Shilpa, the eponymous label of Shilpa Chavan, offers handcrafted head-pieces, jewellery and apparel, drawing inspiration from travels, interaction with various cultures and myriad points of observation. Each collection takes a particular thought and transcends it into a modern product using a variety of materials. She operates between London and India.

Taken from the Little Shilpa press release.

Anything Alice in Wonderland themed is sure to attract me and Little Shilpa did an awesome yet super bizarre take on it for her SS16 collection, Madness of Muchness. Quite in your face, eccentric head pieces were the focal point, each inspired by the different suits in cards. The clothing was similarly a random discord of prints and textures, seemingly patched together in a chaotic manner but which made for a rather harmonic overall look. Pleats and frills resulted in extremely flouncy and playful silhouettes and the use of denim and plaid adds a rustic touch and gives 'roots' and familiarity to a pretty 'out there' collection. Hair was kept youthful in low ponytails and make up fresh faced with the addition of some blue graphic liner around the eyes. The venue of the Library was decorated like a tea party with kitsch floral china, heart shaped doilies and an assortment of colourful sweets. Pink cupcakes and ye olde looking bottles of gin were provided for the guests, branded with the famous 'Eat me, drink me' from Lewis Carroll's tale.

What do you think of this collection?

All photographs were taken by me



  1. Amazing photos <3

  2. It's certainly a mad collection but anything Alice in Wonderland themed is a winner for me! This looks like so much fun, presentations look like they're a lot more interesting than a catwalk show x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. This looks sublime, love the head pieces too! What a fun time, definitely love this collection :))) xx

  4. This looks amazing, I love it! x

  5. Oh gosh, I love this all! And like Josie said...presentations look really interesting!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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