Monday, 30 November 2015


I know a lot of you have been finding it difficult to keep up with my constantly changing hair colour, now that I have lighter ends, it's a whole lot easier for me to dye bright colours over it and I may be having a little too much fun experimenting at the moment. This was the original base colour of my hair though, a grey ombre I got done at a salon in Singapore while I was away on holidays. I’ve always wanted grey hair, there's something I find so cool about taking on this shade while you're still young, almost as if you're tricking your own biology and hair follicles. Plus grey is pretty neutral so you can still wear any colour of clothing and don’t have to be mindful of certain lip colours clashing with it. The thing that was previously stopping me was that my pitch black Asian hair does not bleach very well. Hairdressers could never get it past the golden stage and even though my hair is super strong and can take an incredible amount of bleach, it just wouldn’t lighten further. I was having a bad day in Singapore when I walked past a hair salon and on a complete whim, went in and asked whether they thought they could achieve grey hair on me. I’d seen many fellow asians with grey hair over there which meant that it had to be a possibility. After inspecting my hair, the salon peeps said yes they could, and not only that but they could do it in one sitting. Alarms were going off in my head, heightened by the fact that none of the staff couldn’t speak much English, but on some insane notion I decided, YOLOOOOO… and went in to get my hair done right there and then. Now, I don’t recommend you take my lead guys and gals. It’s probably best to do some research and planning before you drastically change your hair and if you’re need to bleach a lot, I’d recommend gradually doing it over the course of several weeks as not to damage your hair. A lot of Singaporeans are very business minded so I found that they’d do anything to attract more customers before actually paying attention to what they’re asking for, if you catch my drift. Luckily my hair is super thick and strong, and damaged or not, looks relatively the same because it’s so frizzy in texture anyway. Six hours and four rounds of bleaching later, I walked out with this hair. The grey dye didn’t take as well to the top sections of hair but I kinda like the end result anyway, it looks more like a gradual ombre (which I usually always go for regardless of what colour ends because ain’t nobody got time for those roots guuurl). 


Saturday, 28 November 2015


What's this? Seems like I haven't done a theatre post in absolute yonks though in truth I have watched a fair few plays since the last one I wrote about because frankly I can't seem to stay away from the theatre for any extended length of time. I thought the perfect one to start off again with would be a play at the Donmar Warehouse, possibly my favourite theatre venue in London because it was the first one I ever had the pleasure of sitting in (saw Eddie Redmayne in Red back in 2009). Being rather out of the loop with it's current productions, I hadn't heard of Teddy Ferrara before my friend mentioned that she was interested in seeing it. Naturally the first thing I asked her was what the play was about. She'd read that it's about a young gay student in his senior year, who's the chairman of the LGBTQ students group at his university. Ok, student life, been there, sounds interesting and I could always benefit from more insight into the LGBTQ community so sign me right up.

Aside from my long standing infatuation with the Donmar, one of the biggest drawcards for me was the familiar doe-eyed face of Luke Newberry (whom you might recognise from TV series like In The Flesh and From Darkness) who would be taking on the lead role of Gabe. The play is essentially seen from Gabe's perspective as we follow him around the campus. Immediately (though perhaps only initially) a likeable character, he struggles to balance his ambitions of a future in politics with his social life, foremost his new boyfriend Drew (the editor of the university newspaper) whose demanding yet promiscuous personality keeps clashing with Gabe's fear of commitment combined with his need to please everyone. There's an interesting array of supporting characters that fill the campus including a transgender boy who's intent on raising LGBTQ awareness in the university, a wheelchair bound boy whose happy go lucky personality masks his loneliness, the college president who can't seem to shake off his narrow mindedness and old fashioned way of thinking, and Gabe's heterosexual best guy friend who excessively asserts his masculinity. The relationship between all these characters make for an intriguing watch but at the centre of everything is the titular character, a freshman named Teddy Ferrara, who passes through the university vastly unnoticed due to everyone else's own selfish concerns yet leads a double life online. Apparently this play was inspired by the case of Tyler Clementi, an American student who threw himself off the George Washington Bridge in 2010 when he found out that his roommate had been using his computer webcam to spy on him whilst he was kissing another man. When Teddy ends his life halfway through the play, it throws quite the spanner in all the other relationships as the characters question what could possibly be the motivation behind his suicide.

A series of unexpected events unravel and things take a turn for the worst for Gabe who finds himself guilt-ridden by the death of the one guy he previously nonchalantly shunned and essentially knew nothing about. We start to witness some off-putting traits in Gabe's downward, tragic spiral out of control and we are left quite uncertain of who is to blame in all of this. Perhaps that is the real question and we are all still looking for an answer. Luke Newberry drives the play terrifically with his lead role but perhaps the most outstanding performance comes from Ryan McParland who portrays Teddy. His twitchy mannerisms and constant whine was extremely fixating and he so very effectively depicts the outsider we've all been in our own lives. The play is extremely confronting to say the least and tackles many issues of homophobia, bringing to light how cruel even LGBTQ kids can be to one another. However, despite the fantastic characters, I couldn't help but find the plot somewhat lacking. The second act quickly went downhill after what seemed like a promising start, with many loose ends not given any form of conclusion. All in all the play is probably more a study of psychology than it is a riveting story but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a fascinating albeit rather uncomfortable watch, though I'd still recommend everyone to go and check it out if you have the time. Unfortunately this week is the play's last as I saw it quite late but there are still tickets available here.

Teddy Ferrara is at the Donmar Warehouse until the 5th of December 2015.


Wednesday, 25 November 2015


On Friday the 13th (oooh), my friends and I attended the first day of the Doctor Who Festival weekend.  Held at Excel London at Victoria Docklands, Whovians united in all manner of cosplay and dress to celebrate their love for the show. Joining the fans was the Doctor himself Peter Capaldi, writer and producer Steven Moffat, co-writer Mark Gatiss, Michelle Gomez who plays Missy, and Ingrid Oliver who portrays Osgood (Jenna Coleman would be joining them on Saturday and Sunday). Before the talks started, we had a little wander around the Main Hall which was displaying many of the props and costumes used in the show. It's especially great to see that the Miss Patina pinafore worn by Coleman's character Clara Oswald in the show has become so iconic, they're one of my favourite brands that I've also had the pleasure of working with. I found it quite funny that one of Maisie Williams' costumes from the show is an intricate medieval gown, as it's the furthest cry from anything I'd associate her with, especially with her most popular role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. 

The first talk was Meet the Writers with Moffat, Gatiss and Catherine Tregenna. It was interesting to hear from them, how ideas for episodes came to be and how they visualise the characters they write before the casting process. Straight after the hour long session was Meet the Cast with Capaldi, Gomez and Oliver. They told many anecdotes from their time filming the show and there were some hilarious stories involving the creative DIY props and special effects (as Capaldi put it, "We don't have the budget of Game of Thrones") and most of what you see on the show is actually made of common household materials (you might spot some IKEA cutlery in an upcoming episode) so things break quite easily. Capaldi also explained that he enjoys wearing the sunglasses now as the top of sonic screwdriver actually kept coming lose every time he flicked it, and he always got in trouble for hitting a member of the crew or losing the piece in a patch of bushes. My heart did a happy little dance when he mentioned Ben Whishaw and going back to work on Paddington 2 soon. Near the end of the hour they took the questions to the audience and it was particularly adorable to see the younger kids in awe over their Doctor in front of them.

After midday they had photo opportunities with the cast and lining up for them, it's always so amusing (in a good way) to see how others before you pose because damn, people come up with some creative stuff! There was actually a little toddler dressed up as the Twelfth Doctor complete with a miniature electric guitar that stole the hearts of everyone in the room, including Peter Capaldi himself. The staff managing the queue took your name just before it was your turn for a photo so Peter can greet you by your name which I thought was such a nice touch. Literally the first thing Peter exclaimed when he saw me was "You look amazing!" which was probably not the best move for me because I think I almost fainted and everyone in the queue turned to look at us. Anyway, seeing as I wasn't in cosplay, did this translate to a marriage proposal? Teehee. He was super nice as always and gave me a hug and thanked me for coming. I then waited for my friend who had more photos with the rest of the cast and Mark Gatiss.

After the photos we headed back to the main hall to look at the merch stalls, which is probably always my favourite part of any pop culture convention because let's face it any reason to shop is a good excuse for me and before we knew it, it was the end of the day. It was relatively quiet for a convention (maybe because it was still the Friday) and though I wished I had gotten weekend tickets so I could see Jenna, my friends and I had a blast. I've really been getting into all the pop culture expos this year, I'm going to Hyper Japan next!


Sunday, 22 November 2015


Shein dress (worn as top)*/ Totoro collar pins*/ Black Milk PVC skater skirt / Heaven 1461 Dr Martens

The one downside to having neon yellow hair is that you suddenly match the uniforms of all the construction workers around Soho. On the flipside, it feels so fabulously bright, you can't even stop flicking your hair to stand still for a photo. Running errands around China Town wearing this preppy collared dress (worn here tucked in as a top) that'll be a sure fire staple this winter, contrasted with a shiny PVC skirt that always adds the right amount of edge to an outfit. The finishing touch was adding some quirky accessories in the form of my trusty Bosch print Docs and Totoro collar pins that were handmade by my talented friend Jenny!


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Vintage cardigan via Waiste Vintage / Topshop knit top / ASOS skirt / ASOS shoes (old but similar here) / ASOS earrings / Celine bag

One from the archives that I hadn't got round to posting as you can probably tell by my hurrrr but I just love this outfit. My autumn dressing mantra is basically to throw on as many knits as you can get away with before you start to resemble the granny down the road.


Sunday, 15 November 2015


Take a peek into my shoe collection! These are my favourite pairs that I wear all the time.

Shoes shown:

Muffy's saddle shoes (exactly the ones seen in the film Stoker)

Let me know which pair was your favourite!


Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Vintage Inclined dress via ASOS marketplace*/ H&M jacket / Nike trainers / Givenchy bag / Celine sunglasses

I love vintage dresses and I love tartan dresses so it was no wonder that a vintage tartan dress would make its way into my collection sooner or later. We're all familiar with the tartan smock dress but this one from Vintage Inclined boasts a far more flattering fit with it's seamed waist and adjustable tie, so that it skims over your figure whilst still being super comfy and relaxed. Vintage is definitely the way to go if you want to find one of a kind pieces like this, that almost feel like they were tailor made for you. Further on the subject of well-fitting clothes, I picked up this longline bomber jacket from H&M when I was in Singapore. Although it didn't look like anything much on the hanger, I tried it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to find a drawstring waist, which in my books makes almost any item of clothing perfect. Yay for injecting more casual cool vibes to refresh this particular girl's intermittently overdressing tendencies.

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