Monday, 5 January 2015


Woot, first post of 2015! I've been lucky enough to have my parents and best friend from Australia stay over the holiday period, which has been so much fun. The other day I took my best friend to see the musical Made in Dagenham starring Gemma Arterton. I remember, one of the first times I ever visited London in 2010 was with her and we saw Gemma in a play called The Master Builder so it was fitting that this was my friend's first theatre outing this time around, it's as if we've come full circle. Recently I've been all for the chunky knit and oversized coat combo to keep the chill at bay, and that day I decided to mix prints with a floral coat and that Topshop leopard skirt. I actually wear my hair like this quite often too, it keeps it off my face while still maintaining warmth (one thing I can't stand with ponytails is how cold the back of my neck gets). I think having my hair up makes my moon face look even rounder though, which is why I previously disliked having photos taken with this hairstyle but hey keeping it real, that's just how my face is and this year I resolve to be more comfortable in my own skin.

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