Thursday, 15 January 2015


On my trip to Cambridge, I stopped by Kettle's Yard. The house was originally inhabited by Jim and Helen Ede, who also used it to display their impressive collection of early 20th-century art. It's now under the ownership of Cambridge University though it's preserved the way the Edes left it. Today it's open to public daily, serving as more of an intimate gallery and some serious interior inspiration.

The house is three stories high (plus an additional attic room that's filled with framed illustrations as seen above) and composed of the usual bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, study etc. but each area has been meticulously decorated so it seems like no corner has been left unplanned and untouched. One of my favourite sections was the window covered with plants. With the addition of the rocking chair, it just seems like the perfect place to while away an afternoon reading a book (I'm already an old lady at heart aren't I?) The gorgeous rugged corridor leading to a sitting room complete with grand piano came a close second. In fact I found it really difficult to muster up the strength to pick up my things and leave after I'd explored the entire house, rather I chose a chair to sit on and pondered whether they'd notice if I hid myself in a cupboard until the day was done and quietly move myself in. Kettle's Yard has pretty much encapsulated my ultimate home. A girl can just continue to dream right?

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