Thursday, 19 March 2015


Every time I pass through Greenwich I think of Thor 2 haha. I haven't explored this area much before, in fact the first time I actually stopped to walk around was when I went on the Paddington Trail. The Old Royal Naval College with it's magnificent twin domes is one of my favourite constructions architecture-wise and I love bringing friends and family along to admire its grandeur. It's quite a trek from where I live but always worth a visit. This particular day I wore a scuba skater dress in the prettiest print and colours to counteract the grey clouds that were rolling in. The shoes, to be honest, I initially bought because I'd seen Maisie Williams wear them to a Game of Thrones event but investing in a pair of buckle boots can never be the wrong decision in my eyes, they've always been my shoe of choice and I never seem to have enough.


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