Thursday, 9 April 2015


Zara cape (similar) / Zara blouse / UNIF shoes (old but similar) / Primark skirt (similar) / & Other Stories earrings / Clarice Price Thomas ring*/ Chanel bag (borrowed)

Confession: I wasn't initially drawn to the whole cape trend as I thought it would only serve to drown my figure and make me resemble a giant blob. That is until I saw Littlefinger and 'Dark' Sansa swanning around in them towards the end of season 4 of Game of Thrones and in the promo images for season 5. I swear my blog posts have turned into this regular thing where I justify most of my purchases by saying they were GoT inspired *sigh*. There's just something about wearing a cape that makes me feel a little mysterious, evoking witchy/dark fairytale vibes (Little Black Riding Hood perhaps?) Drawing from that villainous aesthetic definitely pleases me, I mean what was Jupiter's Ascending if not for Eddie Redmayne in that magnificent black cape? One drawback for me, something I'm willing to get used to though, is not being able to sling a crossbody bag over my shoulder. Holding one in the crook of my arm is rather unusual for me but definitely makes me feel a lot more ladylike and chic. I'm still on the fence about the majority of capes, especially since I like my outerwear to be practical and actually keep me warm. This one does not particularly do much against the cold and wind (except flap about and make me look like an awkward superhero) but I didn't think I could go wrong testing the waters with this classic black one, especially since it was in the sale, yay!



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