Monday, 27 April 2015


When flared pants started coming back into fashion my first thought was a flashback to my primary school years when my girlfriends and I would turn up in flared jeans on a daily basis. Its revival is a lot cooler this time around, with bell bottoms being the perfect counterpart to a bohemian festival outfit and not to mention this shape is oh so flattering and elongates any leg length. I admit it was a little difficult for me to break out of the skinny jeans mindset but seeing blogger babes like Megan and Tiger rock flares so fiercely definitely inspired me to give them a try. I decided to begin with this pair as I thought monochrome would be a good way to go for first time 'flarers'. Stepping out in this get up actually felt like going out in pyjamas which I think immediately establishes it as a winning outfit.


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