Thursday, 30 April 2015


A long overdue post since it was back in the winter that my family, along with my best friend and her little brother, took a trip to York for the very first time. My parents (mum especially) and I love going on train journeys since it's something that we don't get to experience back in Australia. It may seem like the most mundane form of commute to some but there's something extremely therapeutic about watching the hills and the countryside roll past your window. After previously exploring cities like Oxford and Cambridge, we decided to visit York as we'd also heard that it's very beautiful there. Two hours on the train from London and we arrived, surrounding buildings distinctly Georgian in architectural style. We made our way over the river, beautiful red-brick buildings looming into view. Another thing I really love about smaller cities is how convenient it is to be able to walk around the entire place. Our sightseeing destinations included York Minster, one of the largest cathedrals in England. Quite untimely, it was one of the windiest days of the winter season and I think we definitely burned extra calories trying to walk against the constant and opposing icy gusts. Luckily I had rugged up that morning, wearing a cozy knitted vintage jumper, thick Zara leggings, Topshop boots and socks, and a beanie (mainly because I hadn't washed my hair but it proved extremely effective in stopping my noggin' from freezing off). The entire day was spent wandering around the cobblestoned roads and taking the city all in though we sheltered in coffee shops a couple of times to take a respite from the mini hurricane that was sweeping through the Shambles. I feel particularly fond of York since it's my precious pup's hometown (he's a Yorkshire Terrier if you didn't catch my drift) though unfortunately he didn't join us on this trip, which was probably a good thing as he would have likely blown away on this particular day. My parents had a wonderful time and were both completely taken by York as well. I'd love to go back around this time or during the summer and hopefully explore every nook and cranny of this gorgeous city,

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