Thursday, 21 May 2015


ASOS dress / ASOS shoes (sold out but similar)

I'm in love with the floral embroidery on this dress, ASOS collection really do come out with some stunning pieces. I thought pairing it with these metallic flats would bring out the mint accents in the flowers perfectly and as it started raining after we took these photos, I threw on my Ted Baker coat afterwards. This is what I wore to the London premiere of Still, a suburban thriller by Simon Blake and starring Game of Throne's Aidan Gillen. The premiere was held at the newly re-opened Regent Street Cinema which I found to be such a lovely venue. The cinema was actually the first in the entire country to play moving pictures (back in 1896) hence it being dubbed the 'birthplace of British cinema'. The film itself was quite hard-hitting and rather depressing but worth it for Aidan's heart-wrenching performance alone, even though the rest of the supporting cast were also memorable. Not my favourite type of film but if you like straight up, raw acting (think Rust and Bone), you'll appreciate Still. It's currently available to watch on We Are Colony. Also can I just talk about the fact that Aidan stayed to chat with my friend and I for quite some time before the movie started? I'm literally still pinching myself over this being the GoT fangirl that I am but seriously he is the friendliest guy ever. We remarked that he appeared tired and he said it was because he'd been waking up at 5am every day shooting the new Guy Ritchie film Knights of the Round Table, but then he paused and said he shouldn't complain because normal people work those hours anyway. Oh shush, like down-to-earth much? Speaking of Aidan, have you guys seen the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer that came out two days ago? It looks pretty epic and I can't wait for it to come out now!


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