Monday, 25 May 2015


When life gives you lemons, why not wear them? This Miss Patina two-piece is basically everything I could ever desire since it combines my love of lemon print and co-ords... so of course I had to have it. I think Sansa Stark would really approve of this get up. 

Speaking of Sansa, I feel like I need to address the elephant in the room ie. my opinions on last week's controversial Game of Thrones episode. To say that I am completely and utterly devastated would be an understatement. As many of you know, Sansa is my all-time favourite literary character, I have grown so close to her as I've followed her journey through all the years that it feels like I've been dealt the blow too. It already annoys me so much that the show writers have strayed in such an unsavoury direction from the books it was based on but to make up a completely unnecessary rape scene in an attempt to perhaps shock TV viewers (to be honest, I don't have the slightest inkling why they did it), to further strip Sansa of any agency and most horrifically, portraying the abuse of women so lightly just so it serves as an ultimately pointless plot device makes me very angry indeed. Ask yourselves, what is this world we live in and has it developed at all when there are still men that clearly think this is ok. This is a clear example as to why feminism is needed now more than ever. If Game of Thrones continues to go down this unacceptable route, I will no longer be supporting it.


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