Thursday, 28 May 2015


Turtlenecks are somewhat of a necessity for me living in London, even if I think the cut makes my moon face look even rounder, I can't face an increasingly windy day without one protecting my neck as I am notorious for losing scarves in public places. I spotted this one in Topshop and was immediately struck by the frill detail, it's something I'd not previously seen on a turtleneck before. Alas I walked out of the store without it though as I couldn't justify purchasing knitwear in the turn of spring. Lo and behold the next time I came across it, it was in the sale so I knew it was meant to be. You can't go wrong with burgundy either so I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of this. I wore this ensemble to a Placebo concert, layering it over one of my Black Milk dresses. My friend commented that I was channeling Ariana Grande but I don't really know who that is (I'm so out of touch with the pop world, it's kind of frightening). Nevertheless, I had a great time at Placebo!


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