Thursday, 4 June 2015


I finally found a version of THAT denim dress, you know, the Alexa Chung ACAG one that inspired a dozen high street dupes. I wasn't sure if this A-line shape would be flattering on a pear-shaped gal like me but the denim material is quite stretchy and forgiving. You could even wear this one unbuttoned as a shirt jacket too. I finished the look off with my favourite pair of flats at the moment, these lace up ones which you might have already seen a few too many times over on my instagram because I've been wearing them pretty much every single day. In spite of the pointed toe, I find that I can walk around in them all day without them giving me any blisters, though with these particular ones from Office, it's worth a note that I did have to go up one size because they originally fit quite snug. Topshop do an exact pair but without the tassels, which I think I'd prefer now as they'd be easier to tie in a hurry without the tassels getting in the way, and let's face it when am I never not in a hurry? I'm just about to catch a long haul flight to Singapore to visit my parents for a bit and I have the most horrendous cold, wish me luck as flying and blocked sinuses usually combine into my number one nemesis, waahh.


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