Thursday, 25 June 2015


The Whitepepper dress / Office shoes / Wildfox sunglasses / Daniel Wellington watch*

Two words. Sailor and smock. In one dress. It's safe to say I've found the perfect dress though The Whitepepper have always excelled when it comes to providing me with this opinion every time they come out with a new collection. Of course I'm yet again wearing my lace up flats because true to my word, I have been living in them and I think my personal style blog should reflect that instead of it seeming like I only wear things once for the sake of it. I sometimes catch myself changing my outfits due to whether something's been photographed for the blog before (any other fashion bloggers have this problem?) but I think it's rather important for us to break this stigma. Outfit repeating shouldn't be frowned upon, it's something entirely normal and if you think about it, it actually showcases how much we love a certain ensemble... and if we love it then what's stopping us from wearing it all the freaking damn time? Embrace those favourite items of clothing that you live in and overwear, let's set the challenge to see how many different ways you can style them instead. 

Now that's off my chest, I also wanted to address my slightly pink legs in these photos because I find it absolutely hilarious that I burned them... in the bath. Yep you heard right, no sun involved, they burnt from obliviously soaking in scalding water that was way too hot for my skin. Tell me this has happened to you before and it's not just a sign that I don't feel heat and am destined to become the next mother of dragons...

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