Thursday, 9 July 2015


Today I wanted to share two products from Lush that I've been absolutely loving. And no they're not bath bombs! I usually pop into Lush to repurchase holy grail items that are running low but ever since the new Oxford St. store opened I find myself wandering in at random and hoping to discover and take home new products as an excuse. Case in point, on my last visit I picked up two of their pots that I'd never tried before and in a matter of days they've both placed themselves firmly on my list of holy grail products, they're that good. The first product and my favourite out of the two is...

I was a little hesitant when I opened up a tub of this in the store. It seemed super creamy and wouldn't that just clog your razor? In actual fact the consistency is more like a body butter but without the stickiness factor, it glides across the skin like a bar of soap whilst spreading product all over the area. It's a bit hard to describe but what I can ascertain is that it gives the smoothest, closest shave I've ever experienced. On top of that, the strawberries and cream scent is just heavenly. I'm pretty sure I will never be able to go back to using other shaving gels after trying this, I'm absolutely obsessed!

I first heard Allison of Amarixe mention this product on her Youtube channel and I was surprised that I'd never come across it in store before. What prompted me to go out and look for it was that she said it was the most delicious Lush product she'd ever smelled and reminded her of cookie dough. It does indeed smell like a cake batter of some sort mixed with a sweet popcorn scent that makes it all to irresistible already. Good luck trying not to eat this one guys! Like most of the Lush cleansers, it comes in a doughy formula that you scoop a tiny amount out and mix with water to form a paste, before massaging it all over your face, leaving it for half a minute and then rinsing it off. It has a scrubby texture that exfoliates too and every time I wash my face with it, my skin is left feeling silky soft.

I hadn't really heard much about these two particular products in the blogosphere which is quite surprising because I think they're some of the best Lush has to offer. I'll definitely be repurchasing both when they run out though I can't promise I will be able to hold back from going back into the Oxford St Store before that happens!

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?
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