Monday, 20 July 2015


A different, very special OOTD post today (or more accurately OOTW - Outfit Of The Weekend), showing my full costume for London Film Comic Con. This is the first time I've ever cosplayed for anything and I have to say I'm quite pleased with how everything came together. Of course for my first cosplay I had to be my all time favourite character, Sansa Stark, and I thought since I still had long black hair (let's ignore the grown out ombre), I could pull off her 'Dark Sansa' look ie. Alayne Stone. I'm unfortunately rather challenged in sewing so didn't attempt to DIY her feathered dress. Instead I found this brilliant replica on Etsy, along with her signature necklace. I had dismissed the idea of a wig almost immediately what with my ridiculously thick head of hair, which meant attempting to copy Sansa's twists on my own locks. Luckily her hairstyle isn't as elaborate as some of the other Game of Thrones ladies' but despite being quite comfortable with all manner of braiding, I just couldn't master how to stop these hair twists from unravelling (I tried the clockwise then anti-clockwise technique to no avail). The finished result ended up being a little messier than I would've liked but there was nothing that a few bobby pins and a huge spritz of hairspray couldn't sort out. For the make-up, I went for a much natural look than I usually do, as it seems Sophie wears barely any as Sansa, perhaps just a light foundation and a touch of blush. Alas not being blessed with Sophie's razor sharp cheekbones and piercing blue eyes, I had a bit more work cut out for me. After foundation, I attempted some light contouring with Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. The bronzer shade in this palette is ashy enough to fake a shadow under the cheekbones which was perfect as I didn't want my skin to appear too bronze (it's already an issue that my complexion is so much darker than Sansa's). On my eyes I simply swiped a shimmery nude eyeshadow all over the lid and blended out a tiny bit of brown in my crease (both shades from Stila In The Light palette), before skipping the eyeliner (gasp!) and just applying a few generous lashings of my favourite mascara. A natural pink gloss finished off the face. Last but not least, I decided to swap out my clear contact lenses for some blue ones. I wore this get up to both days of Comic Con and the best part was that Sophie Turner herself tweeted her approval first thing in the morning! The only downside was that as I'm not used to wearing something with a train, it got trodden on many times throughout the day when I forgot to pull it up, but that's a small price to pay for feeling super badass otherwise. A post on everything that went down at London Film & Comic Con will be up next, so stay tuned!

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