Wednesday, 22 July 2015


It's probably a testament to how much of a geek I am that it's always my favourite time of the year when London Film & Comic Con rolls around. This year marks my second time going to the UK's biggest pop culture convention, though I'd often gone to similar, smaller expos in Australia. With many stars from my favourite television shows announced as guests (Game of Thrones guys, come on) and the fact that I had planned on cosplaying for the very first time in my life, I could not have been more excited for the weekend ahead. 

The venue had moved from the previous year at Earl's Court to the much more convenient Olympia in my opinion. I'm not even sure if it's actually a bigger capacity but the space inside the building is just much nicer and with 4 floors, it's much easier to get around then to have to exit the building to get into another function space like at Earl's Court. LFCC started on Friday as a preview day of sorts. Opening at 1pm, it was relatively quieter (Friday was the only day that wasn't sold out ie. they were still selling tickets at the door), not all the celebrity guests would be there and not all the stalls were open. Deciding I would start cosplaying on Saturday, I wore instead an Alice Temperley dress (sold out but super similar here) and some super comfy Valentino flats. I must say the whole event was superbly organised and while the queue that had snaked itself around the building seemed daunting when I arrived, it only took us a maximum of fifteen minutes to get in after the doors were opened. First on my friends and my hit list was Reeve Carney, better known as the impeccably dressed man who plays the enigmatic Dorian Gray in the TV series Penny Dreadful, though others may know him more as the rocker who broke Taylor Swift's heart in the I Knew You Were Trouble music video (does anyone else automatically just think of goats whenever the word trouble is brought up?) Needless to say, he was lovely and I enjoyed chatting with him about San Diego Comic Con and snakes and of course, that insane Penny Dreadful finale that's still left me reeling. Also that pose we're doing in the first photo was an attempt at a waltz à la Dorian and Lily but I've hardly ever danced in my life and Reeve had pretty much forgotten too, haha.

I also stopped by to say hello to Keisha Castle-Hughes, the Oscar nominated actress from Whale Rider but more recently Obara Sand in Game of Thrones, you all know how much of a fan of the latter I am so yep, I had to and she was super sweet too. One thing that Reeve mentioned to me was that he thought there were more cosplayers at SDCC than LFCC but I concluded that this was only the case because it was Friday and many of the attendees (like me), had not bothered to dress up just yet. However I still spotted some great ones, including this pretty true to life Cinderella and Thor. 

I spent the rest of the pleasantly quieter half day wandering around the stalls, which at LFCC is always a collector and a nerd's best fantasy, selling every type of merch imaginable. Artist's own illustrations, handmade themed jewellery, and a vast array of Funko Pop figurines are just a taste of what was offered. I always want everything I lay my eyes upon (especially if it's GoT related) but I took a step back to evaluate what I really needed and what I didn't (more like what could still fit in my room). Then it was back home to get ready for Day 2, where I was getting ready to debut my first cosplay effort and expecting a long but super action-packed and fun Saturday. I've decided to split my LFCC posts up into the three corresponding days so they wouldn't be too long, stay tuned for the next installment going up this Friday.

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