Sunday, 26 July 2015


Started to feel slightly delirious the morning of LFCC Day 3, think the non-stop excitement, early mornings and lack of sleep were beginning to catch up on me. Still, I managed to avoid any make-up and hair mishaps and put my costume on the right way around. We arrived at Olympia exactly the same time as the day before but was surprised to find that the queue was much shorter. I guess everyone was in the same boat and just couldn't be bothered waking up early. Much like yesterday I had all my photoshoots scheduled before midday, main reason being that I prefer to get them done when I think I still look fresh faced as opposed to haggard after a long day. The consequence of this however, is that you don't have much time to get from one photoshoot to the next especially if you factor in the long queues and distance between different photo booths (some of them were on different floors). 

First on our list was Iain Glen aka Jorah Mormont and it was kind of funny for me because my friend has a huge crush on him and I got a lot of enjoyment watching her fangirl in the queue to meet him. After that we had to head up to the second level (check this, there's always a queue to head upstairs too) for our photo with Rose Leslie (Ygritte), whom we were meant to have met yesterday if not for her flight being delayed. Luckily the staff were really organised and we were conveniently slotted in for the morning photo session. Rose is always so chirpy and lovely, the previous time I had met her I remember her needlessly fretting that she had blinked in our selfie together and today she said that she loved my cosplay! She always manages to put a smile on everyone's face and took her time saying hello and listening to people's photo requests. A particularly memorable photo came in the form of a couple in front of me cosplaying as Jon Snow and Ygritte, and they asked her to pretend as if she and the girl were fighting over the boyfriend/Jon haha. Next was Harry Treadaway (Victor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful) but we ended up arriving at his designated photo booth a little late and the staff there told us to come back for his afternoon photo session instead. Which then meant that I had to trek it all the way back to where Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow in Game of Thrones) was taking his photos. Does running around and up and down Olympia count as exercise because I feel like I burnt a good amount of calories just from doing this. 

Needless to say after all that running around we decided to go up to level 3 to cool down (hellooo aircon!) I spotted so many awesome cosplays including a GoT 'Walk of Shame' one with a blow up doll 'Cersei' and Bandit Roy from one of my favourite films, The Fall, which I thought was rather niche but a great choice since you don't really want to be turning up in the same costume as someone else (crazy abundance of Khaleesi cosplayers, take note). As we made out way to the signing tables, we saw that Finn Jones' (Loras Tyrell in GoT) wasn't busy at all so we went up to say hello. That man is constantly so full of energy, it's kind of hilarious. Our photo together at last year's Comic Con is still one of my favourite things ever. Not long after, Harry Treadaway returned to his spot and we also decided to get something signed. His autograph and dedication was so 'punny', I almost died.

I didn't go to any panels this year because I was honestly just disorganised and though I didn't mind missing the GoT one this year, I kind of regret not going to the Penny Dreadful panel. At least one pro was that I had a much more relaxed and chill time this year as opposed to spending most of the day stressing out about where I had to be at any given time. Cosplaying for the first time in my life was an amazing experience, it was so much fun and I loved getting used to being called 'Sansa' by complete strangers for a whole weekend. Also shout out to the guy who recognised me as myself and said my real name before asking for a photo, it was lovely to meet you. LFCC 2015 was definitely the best it's ever been and I'm already counting down to next year's event!

All photographs were taken by me, please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.

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