Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Temperley London dress (sold out but super similar here) / Valentino flats

I stopped by John Lewis the other day, truthfully just to use the restroom but on the way there I spotted this dress hanging on a rack. I saw that it was by Temperley London, so automatically deduced it would be way out of my budget. I just couldn't seem to put it down though and on closer inspection I saw that there was only one left, that this last piece was in my size and that it was marked down to half price. If that wasn't fate, I don't know what is. Actually before I bought it I noticed a wide pink stain all on the side of the dress but when I asked the staff about it, none of them seemed to be able to see it *eye roll* like okay maybe it was light pink but it was a stain nonetheless, shouldn't it discounted further or something? Luckily my local dry cleaners worked some miracles and managed to get it back to its pristine white condition. Anyways now I'm still having a major love affair with this dress, I wore it to the first day of London Comic Con but decided to pair it with a vampy lip and studded shoes to avoid looking too bridal.


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