Monday, 21 September 2015


That Topshop dress that needs no introduction. I actually saw this dress with my own eyes as Alexa Chung walked past me on the way to the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week. Yeah I was a mere half metre away from her and all I could do was gawk because it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my life. Since that moment I dreamed of owning one and I set an alarm for when it went on sale on the Topshop site. This is my first ever piece from their Unique line and it’s even more glorious in person. The silk material is so light and comfortable to wear, breezy in the heat but somehow insulating in the cold. It hangs so nicely on your body and the extra full skater skirt swishes magically with every little movement you make in it. Of course I love the detail with the high neck and floaty sleeves, it feeds my seventies style obsession. Okay I’ll stop singing all the praises now as I’m sure that’s even more annoying than the fact that it’s sold out (wahhhh).

PS. Apologies for my posting being a little all over the place lately. I have heaps of content to publish but it's been a super hectic few weeks and at the same time I don't want to bombard you all. I'm trying my best to post things in chronological order but do want to keep events write ups relevant so if my hair colour jumps back and forth between OOTD posts, that's why haha. FYI, I had brown ombre, then grey, and now lime green (my instagram is where I update daily).


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