Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Vintage jumper / ASOS skirt / UNIF hat (discontinued but almost exact here) / Topshop boots

Ohhh these photos are from a while back and I still have quite a few outfits in my archive that I shot when I still had brown hair. I'm torn between wanting to get them all published but not super keen on bombarding you all with posts every single day, you'd totally get bored (and more realistically I don't have the time to put together that many blog posts in one go waaahh). So I hope you won't mind if I gradually trickle them out now since all my LFW coverage is done and dusted. Anyways I think everyone and their mother has this skirt from ASOS but I really couldn't resist the suede and A-line combo, the material I'm currently obsessed with and the silhouette that I think works quite well with my figure. It's currently the only real suede skirt I have in my collection, though my eye has been drawn to so many others (damn all the high street stores bringing out all the suede skirts), it's something I really have to think about before purchasing since they can be a little more pricey. I really do adore this one though, the colour is perfect for autumn and I think if I were to invest in another, it would be one in a traditional tan shade.

Are you a fan of the suede skirt?

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