Sunday, 18 October 2015


Louis Vuitton has just opened up a new fashion exhibition in London which serves to highlight the creative process behind the luxury brand's autummn/winter collection. With free entry to LV Series 3, I could not pass up the opportunity to pay a visit to 180 the Strand, where it is currently being held. Louis Vuitton had never really appealed to me previously. I wasn't particularly enamoured with their monogram prints or bag designs, nothing they came out with seemed to stand out to me and this was not helped by the fact that I usually see someone toting the exact same LV bag every time I turn a corner. Earlier this year though, I fell in love with a particular ensemble one of my favourite actresses, Alicia Vikander wore to the London premiere of Testament of Youth. The peasant style dress and chunky heeled boot combo turned out to be a fresh aesthetic for LV and soon enough many more celebrities and fashion bloggers were sporting their new collection pieces and high street stores just couldn't churn out dupes quick enough. Not long after, Alicia was announced as the new face of LV and Ghesquière's new muse. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing her and other famous faces model pieces from new LV collections to various public events. My two favourite looks would have to be when Sophie Turner wore the green version of their dress to this year's Comic Con (which offset her fiery locks brilliantly) and Alicia's dreamy seventies inspired gown at The Danish Girl premiere.

Upon entering the spacious venue, there are arrows to guided us through the exhibition and much like McQueen's Savage Beauty, it's far more than a simple collection and is strategically built as a journey, perhaps to mirror the stream of consciousness and dreams inside current creative designer Nicolas Ghesquière's mind. The first room is filled with a dome structure that is a reference to the one built for the fashion show at the Frank Gehry designed Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Through a light tunnel and into the next room where a signature trunk sits in the centre, over a century after its inception, containing Ghesquière's creative process and imagination. Further on there is a live demonstration of the creation of La Petite Malle and the Dora, two of LV's New Classics. You can follow their experienced hands in real time, bringing these icons to life.

The Accessories Gallery is next. Showcased in an almost blindingly white room on initially camouflaged mannequins, all the bags from the Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection do the talking. 
"I've always loved designing accessories. For me, accessories never stand alone, there has to be a common thread between them. They're an integral part of each outfit, either clashing or complementing it. They share the same sentiment and movement as the garment. A silhouette is a complete make-up of all there elements." - Nicolas Ghesquière
Last but not least is an impressive 'walk in wardrobe' constructed in glass. Here clothes tucked away in their glass cases come alive when they are taken. Garments speak to the woman who wishes to own it. It tells her a story, one she'll enjoy listening to, tales of who she would like to become. The wardrobe: a gateway to a thousand possibilities.

All in all, it's quite an interesting exhibition that's well easy on the eyes, especially if you're into fashion. I don't think you have to particularly be into Louis Vuitton to enjoy it, though you may find that you are totally converted by the end of it! I'm now seriously coveting that baby pink box bag and am going to have to go on a hunt for some more affordable inspired pieces. I also met Alicia Vikander, Selena Gomez, and Alexa Chung at the launch night during LFW, which was pretty cool and they're all such lovely ladies!

The Louis Vuitton Series 3 is free admission until the 18th of October at 180 Strand, London.
More info here.

All photographs were taken by me.

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