Monday, 30 November 2015


I know a lot of you have been finding it difficult to keep up with my constantly changing hair colour, now that I have lighter ends, it's a whole lot easier for me to dye bright colours over it and I may be having a little too much fun experimenting at the moment. This was the original base colour of my hair though, a grey ombre I got done at a salon in Singapore while I was away on holidays. I’ve always wanted grey hair, there's something I find so cool about taking on this shade while you're still young, almost as if you're tricking your own biology and hair follicles. Plus grey is pretty neutral so you can still wear any colour of clothing and don’t have to be mindful of certain lip colours clashing with it. The thing that was previously stopping me was that my pitch black Asian hair does not bleach very well. Hairdressers could never get it past the golden stage and even though my hair is super strong and can take an incredible amount of bleach, it just wouldn’t lighten further. I was having a bad day in Singapore when I walked past a hair salon and on a complete whim, went in and asked whether they thought they could achieve grey hair on me. I’d seen many fellow asians with grey hair over there which meant that it had to be a possibility. After inspecting my hair, the salon peeps said yes they could, and not only that but they could do it in one sitting. Alarms were going off in my head, heightened by the fact that none of the staff couldn’t speak much English, but on some insane notion I decided, YOLOOOOO… and went in to get my hair done right there and then. Now, I don’t recommend you take my lead guys and gals. It’s probably best to do some research and planning before you drastically change your hair and if you’re need to bleach a lot, I’d recommend gradually doing it over the course of several weeks as not to damage your hair. A lot of Singaporeans are very business minded so I found that they’d do anything to attract more customers before actually paying attention to what they’re asking for, if you catch my drift. Luckily my hair is super thick and strong, and damaged or not, looks relatively the same because it’s so frizzy in texture anyway. Six hours and four rounds of bleaching later, I walked out with this hair. The grey dye didn’t take as well to the top sections of hair but I kinda like the end result anyway, it looks more like a gradual ombre (which I usually always go for regardless of what colour ends because ain’t nobody got time for those roots guuurl). 

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