Sunday, 28 February 2016


Eye Candy dress / Waiste Vintage jacket / ASOS bowler hat / ASOS shoes / The Whitepepper bag

Back in my standard uniform of a collared dress for Day 2 of LFW though this ain't no plain Jane LBD, it has a Labyrinth print on the front, which is one of my all-time favourite films and I'm just happiest when I can nerd out a bit with my outfits. I recently acquired this vintage jacket with a very pretty and interesting orange striped print and thought that it sort of matched Jareth's hair on the image so then I went all out and played up orangey everything, including makeup and rose gold shoes. The weather was absolutely atrocious on Day 2, with non-stop rain and wind so I didn't really get to mingle and soak up the Fashion Week vibes as much and spent most of my time sheltering in nearby coffee shops. Luckily I only had one presentation that day and walking there in the rain wasn't too bleak, thanks to my comfy and shiny shoes and the convenient addition of a bowler hat to keep my head dry.



Thursday, 25 February 2016


Little Shilpa's latest collection, Satellite 20.16, is the dreamiest concoction of pastel hues, slouchy silhouettes and floaty lace accents. Sportswear vibes are apparent (loving the choice of footwear here) and contrasted with the feminine lace, which are cut and sewn in a raw and organic fashion which along with the gravity defying headpieces, give a completely other-worldly feel. In addition to the lace, coordinating jumpers and skirts are constructed in a patchwork of fluffy and stiffer materials, finished with glittery lurex trims, which result in a feast of textures. It's not something I would have expected from an Autumn/Winter release but not gonna lie, I am low-key obsessed with this collection and I can totally get down with wearing pastels in the winter!

All photographs were taken by me. Please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Three Floor jumper / Glamorous jeans via ASOS (currently out of stock) / ASOS heels / Zara earrings / Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Mary Jo K on the lips

I have dubbed this look 'Grown Up Crayola' because when else can you embrace wearing all the primary colours if not Fashion Week? I hadn't worn red lipstick in a long time because I thought it clashed with my blue hair but looking back on this, clashing colours may not necessarily be a bad thing, it certainly brightened up my day and put a spring in my step for the first day of LFW. When putting together this look, I was inspired by the coloured embroidery on these jeans, which I first spotted on the amazing Megan Ellaby but it sold out on ASOS before I could decide whether I was able to pull them off too. Thankfully they must have restocked because one day, one in my size popped back in my 'saved list'. I wore them with a Three Floor jumper that has functioning zips all along the entire length of the sleeves which was super convenient when the weather that day just wouldn't seem to make up its mind. The yellow shoes ended up being a tad too ambitious (though you must admit they looked so cute with the outfit) because it was only a short while before I froze my toes off and changed to a trusty pair of Stan Smiths, which turned out to be a better choice anyway because when I bumped into blogger babes Kristabel and Lucy, we were practically triplets in yellow coats and white trainers (Kristabel and I even had the same colour Stan Smiths on and we have super similar hair)! What can I say, great minds must think alike. I had a fantastic first day of LFW, I don't think I'd ever been stopped by streetstyle photographers as many times as this which made me happy because I hope it meant that others liked my outfit as well. I also loved the Little Shilpa presentation I attended (blog post on this coming up next) and to top it all off I bumped into two of my favourite bloggers, Susie Bubble and Sarah Ashcroft.

Plenty more LFW posts coming to the blog this week so stay tuned!


Sunday, 21 February 2016


Balmain x H&M coat / New Look jeans*/ UNIF hat / Topshop boots

I still don't know whether I can pull off a shaggy fur coat but there's just no denying that there's nothing better than wrapping yourself up in one in this current weather. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold (also born out of the instinct to avoid falling ill as it seems to happen to me a highly unsatisfactory number of times during the winter) and no type of 'fashion' outerwear (excluding actual practical puffer jackets that more or less make me look like the Michelin man) does it for me unless it's furry or fur-lined. I thought this Balmain x H&M one was perfect to add to my collection, it's almost black but not quite with green poking through and I thought that made it unique and interesting without it being too OTT. Also I love that it comes with a belt to help define and break up the boxy silhouette. Today I've let the coat do all the talking and paired it with all black but I'm trying to think of other ways to style it too. Perhaps it would look cute over a floral dress. Are you a fur coat type of gal and if so how have you been styling yours?

Speaking of the cold, I'm currently struggling to plan my London Fashion Week outfits as I have to keep in mind that I'll be out all day and need to keep relatively warm yet I still want to look cute? I think by the time this post goes live, I'll be at LFW so we'll see if I'm able to succeed in both aspects!



Friday, 19 February 2016


I haven't done an art post here in a while because although I spend most of my waking hours immersing myself in it, my tumblr has become the place where I curate all the art that inspires me: mainly in the form of illustrations, photography, and architecture. In fact it was on tumblr that I came across these, and I was so taken by them that I just had to share them here too. As most of you probably know, Rooney Mara is one of my favourite actresses and a publication I've just discovered, called Little White Lies, came out with a Carol issue not too long ago. These beautiful pieces were drawn to accompany an interview with Rooney in the magazine, unfortunately I can't seem to find the name of the artist who did them but I've just ordered a copy of the mag so hopefully I'll be able to locate his/her name in print and update it here. Each illustration depicts a character she plays in a film and from stealing my heart the first moment I saw her act as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, then breaking it to pieces in Ain't Them Bodies Saints, to making me question the future in Her, and finally to giving me the most beautiful two hours I could ever ask for in my favourite film of last year, Carol, I adore the style of these artworks so much. The pastel colour palette is just so pretty and although the lines are clean, simple and not all too detailed, you can really identify each character, and you can definitely tell that they're all Rooney.

Little White Lies 62: The Carol Issue came out in November but can still be purchased here. I'm not sure whether you can get this magazine anywhere else if not online but I've just had a little browse of their site and I'd definitely be interested in a subscription (the Crimson Peak issue looks well lush). Would you guys be interested in seeing more of these art posts on Adventures of an Anglophile or should I just keep them on tumblr?


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The Whitepepper dress / Agyness Deyn x Dr Marten creepers / Givenchy bag

It's no secret by now that I absolutely adore The Whitepepper dresses. I've lost count of how many I own and every single time they release a new collection I have to try my damn hardest to stop myself from adding everything to my cart because let's face it, realistically, I don't need the same dress in different prints (or do I? Is it technically the same dress if its in a different print?) Initially famed for their cute, high quality smock dresses, I decided to try out a different silhouette for me this time, the drop hem. Still in a similar relaxed fit, which is always my go-to for an everyday dress, but amped up a notch with this 'galaxy on acid' print.



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