Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I picked this set up on a whim during a scheduled Boots run (you know how it goes, you go in for one specific thing and come out with a million others), I was totally drawn in by the cute cylindrical packaging before realising all four shades were totally up my alley. I'd never tried Ciaté nail varnishes before... I'm not really fussy when it comes to polishes, I don't have a favourite brand or formulation but good staying power is very important to me. I definitely do not want a paint job to start chipping on me as soon as I wash the dishes or play the piano. To my delight, these polishes are pretty amazing. They go on smoothly with a brush that's the perfect size and shape for nails so I felt it made painting incredibly quick and easy, plus the shades are pretty much opaque with two coats. However, my favourite part about them is their formidable staying power, mine have only started to chip just as it hit the two week mark which if I say so myself, is pretty damn impressive (I used the Ciaté Speed Top Coat over it). On top of this, I adore all four shades (they're also available individually and if I had to pick a fave it would be the navy), I think they're all great year round colours and very elegant, which I wouldn't expect any less from the ever so classy Miss Palermo. The set retails for £25 at Boots containing four mini 5ml Ciaté bottles or £17 for each individual 13.5ml bottle.
Have you tried Ciaté polishes before?



Sunday, 27 March 2016


Ariana Grande for Lipsy Stripe Prom Skirt* / Miss Patina top / ASOS flats (sold out but similar) / Accessorize bag

Happy Easter lovelies! Hope you're all having a beautiful day and eating your fill of chocolate. Today's outfit post features London label Lipsy, who have collaborated with singer Ariana Grande for their Spring 2016 collection. The range is quite girly and 'prom' inspired, consisting of 20+ pieces (including dresses, skirts, tops, a jacket and jewellery), which typically feature a fit and flare silhouette that has become quite the signature look for the pop star. Unfortunately I can't say I'm all too familiar with Ariana's music but I do really like this collection. The first item I chose is this striped skirt which has quite a retro feel to it. The fit is super flattering, cinching in at the waist and boasting a structured yet quite flexible silhouette and of course the monochrome stripe print will go with absolutely everything and will also enable it to transition seamlessly from day to night wear. For an evening event I paired it with a simple high neck black top from Miss Patina and some jewelled, pointed black ASOS flats I got back in the Boxing Day sales. Of course as with most of my usual black and white ensembles, I couldn't resist slapping on a red lip and the perfect accessory came in the form of this telephone box novelty bag that I'd been coveting ever since I saw it on Accessorize's instagram page.

What do you think of the Ariana Grande for Lipsy collection?



Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Gudetama jumper via Truffle Shuffle*/ ASOS denim skirt / Adidas Superstar trainers

I'm unable to pinpoint when exactly it was I started to aspire towards a cartoon 'lazy egg' but nowadays Gudetama is pretty much my favourite little character ever (moving over Patrick Star). His whole 'meh' sentiment is unfortunately rather too relatable to me and there's just no denying how darn adorable he is! When I found out Truffle Shuffle were launching an exclusive Gudetama collection, I was pretty egg-static (teehee). They were kind enough to gift me this cute and versatile white jumper with a comic strip style print but I have my eye on many other cute items including the mugs and tote bags.

Do you have a favourite Sanrio or cartoon character?


Sunday, 20 March 2016


For someone of her stature, the pint-sized pixie that is Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes, sure does command a whole lot more stage presence than one could initially expect, a bouncing ball of constant energy that fueled the fun-loving crowd at Brixton Academy last week. I'd been patiently waiting for the day that I would get to see this experimental pop princess live, having been a fan of her music since I lived in Australia but contantly missing out since she only made it out to the festivals in Sydney and Melbourne whilst I was stuck on the opposite side of the country. I couldn't have been more pumped for the show on the day, her latest album Art Angels has obviously been top of my iPod's most played list and let's face it, Grimes is just major girl crush material and basically the coolest chick to ever come out of the music industry (at least in my eyes). I got to the venue exceptionally early and managed to nab front row position at the barrier. Despite rapidly becoming sleepier and hangrier by the minute (I did smuggle a cheeseburger in my bag in case the situation got unbearably out of hand, which the security did spot and found extremely amusing), when support act Hana Truly took to the mic, I was quite pleasantly swept out of my dull reverie. Her entrancing vocals and dreamy, atmospheric beats captivated me from the very first melody and about three songs in when she started one I would later learn was called Underwater (my personal favourite, it's absolutely magical, do check it out), I was already thoroughly convinced I needed to download all her music as soon as I got home. It's not often I feel sad when a support act is about to finish so that's definitely a testament to Hana's incredible set but she assured us that she would be back on stage with Grimes.

It's almost 9pm when the lights dim and a backup dancer saunters on stage to the orchestral intro of Grimes' Laughing and Not Being Normal. Before the last note ends, the lights go up to reveal none other than Claire, standing between her standard armoury of electronic keyboards, dressed rather haphazardly in true Grimes fashion: an oversized Moschino tee paired with speaker print leggings and topped off with a Minnie/tennis player-esque towel bow around her head. To my and the collective audience's delight she dives into playing Genesis, which, fun fact, was actually the first song of hers I heard and consequently led me to become a fan. If that wasn't enough the next song she played was my all-time favourite, REALiTi, and from that point I was absolutely certain that it was going to be the most amazing night. Claire whizzes around the stage so quickly, it would sure be a phone camera's worst nightmare. One moment she's interacting with one side of the crowd, half a beat later she's leapt back behind her keyboards before launching herself to the other side. She improvs some of her beloved songs live and it works really well (a particular memorable take on Be A Body has me wishing for a studio version), her voice switching seamlessly from sugary schoolgirl high pitches to gravelly growls and screams. In between songs, Claire is awkward yet endearing, seemingly not quite sure what to say to the audience that are cheering and clapping her on. She squeaks out numerous 'thank yous' and shrugs in bewilderment when the audience responds ecstatically. 
"So I have a contentious opinion on the whole encore situation..." she says tentatively, "I feel it should be reserved for special situations. I have terrible nerves. Once I leave, I'm done, it's too much..." And with that, Claire and her team of backup dancers plus Hana, launch into the sure-fire crowd pleaser Kill v. Maim which successfully amps up all my surroundings to a level of insanity that made sure the night ended with a bang.

The Setlist

Laughing and Not Being Normal
Flesh without Blood
Venus Fly
Be a Body (New Version)
Symphonia IX
World Princess Part II
Kill v. Maim (encore)

All photographs were taken by me. Please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Zara coat / Zara dress / Catarzi hat / Topshop shoes / Givenchy bag / Limecrime Velvetine in Pumpkin

I recently picked up this dress from Zara as I'm usually a sucker for anything with either a collar detail, bell sleeves or in the colour bottle or forest green, but when you combine all these elements into one dress... well, safe to say it was love at first sight for me. Even though I'm a little warier of wearing green now that I have bright blue hair, I've never let it restrict me, if I want to wear green, I'll wear it. In fact I was so inspired by the green and orange colour combination on this old tapestry-esque Zara coat, I popped on a rust coloured hat and then matched my makeup to it too. Does anybody else find that they have a warped sense of distance when wearing a wide brim hat? I keep head-butting random people accidentally, and this has happened way too many times now...




Sunday, 13 March 2016


I've always been a super shy and private person so this definitely feels like way too much information to be putting online haha. Well it's not called the TMI tag for nothing and whether or not you agree, I thought it would be lots of fun to answer these questions (albeit very awkwardly in my case, when will I ever get used to talking to a camera?) so perhaps you can get to know me, aka Andini aka the blogger behind Adventures of an Anglophile, a little bit better. You've been warned, I'm a quite the weirdo...

If you've done the TMI Tag, please leave me a link to it down in the comments as I'd love to see it!


Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Zara coat (similar) / Topshop dress (similar) / Michael Kors bag via Farfetch*/ Zara boots (similar)

I've kind of, sort of been (well trying to) put myself on a spending ban so while I'm not sure how successfully that's going at the minute, as a consequence I've been trawling through all my clothes and rediscovering some of my old favourites. Case in point, both this Zara coat and Topshop gingham dress were on high rotation two years ago and I've realised these pieces are quite timeless so I was quite happy to see how well they went together and wear them both again. One new addition is this Michael Kors bag, which the lovely folks at Farfetch were kind enough to gift to me as a secret santa. If I were a bag, I would probably resemble something like this, small and convenient to avoid the shoulder ache, black to match everything, and with an interesting detail like this studded design (bonus points for silver hardware because I'm not a gold type of gal).



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