Thursday, 28 April 2016


Primark coat (similar) / Topshop bodysuit / ASOS jeans / Adidas Stan Smiths / Chloe bag

Possibly the most casual you've ever seen me right? I'm not normally a minimalist kind of gal when it comes to dressing up but I admit all the Scandinavian street style I come across whilst trawling through Instagram has definitely rubbed off on me and when I picked up this grey oversized coat in Primark, I had the sudden urge to dress it down. Therefore I threw it over a striped body, my beloved high waisted jeans and popped on my Stan Smiths. A top knot added the perfect 'off duty' finishing touch whilst dually disguising my dirty hair.

Have you ever felt inspired to step out of your usual style?




Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I'm no make-up aficionado but I do enjoy the process of 'painting' my face. Perhaps it's my artist background but I find there's something incredibly therapeutic about it, along with the ablility to play with colours. Most of my make-up brushes are by Sigma, I've been using them for years now since I first heard that their quality was comparable to MAC brushes but only retails for a fraction of the price. They have never given me a cause for complaint and owning a full set meant that I really didn't need anymore brushes but I was watching one of Lulutrixabelle's favourites videos and when she showed some of her brushes from Spectrum Collections, I was immediately smitten as they had pastel pink handles and baby blue hairs, a colour combination I'd never previously seen in a make-up brush. I hopped on their site straight away and saw that they had several different colour schemes that were all equally gorgeous and squeal-worthy. It took quite a while for me to decide and settle on the Siren set, which boasted a rainbow holographic metal ferrule and teal brush hairs. The 12 brushes in the Siren set also come in a stunning and super handy mermaid brush roll. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier set of brushes in my life and it just brings me so much joy to reach for these when I want to apply my make-up. Spectrum sell a wide range of different brushes for various purposes and you can purchase them individually or in complete sets. However, I must say that despite their magical appearance, I find the actual brushes themselves aren't as good as the Sigma ones. Although they feel super soft, they don't seem to apply product as smoothly and sometimes they buff off some of the makeup that's already on my face. It's nothing too annoying at all though, and I still think they're definitely worth it if you're looking to inject some fun into your beauty routine. Plus they look so beautiful on sitting on your vanity!


Sunday, 24 April 2016


RAD sweater / Zara skirt (old but similar) / ASOS hat (sold out but almost exact) / ASOS brogues / Mulberry bag

It seems like now every blogger and their mothers have this sweater but I'd like to point out that I did own this before Kylie Jenner posted photos of her in it on instagram because I first saw it on Meg of Wonderful You (who is one of my all time favourite bloggers, if you don't follow her already, you're missing out big time) and I just had to have one for myself. I mean, a bright yellow jumper with my favourite spread emblazoned across the front, what more could you possibly want from an article of clothing? Once again, I'm all about the autumnal hues (or I was possibly just craving some PB&J) so I paired it with shades of berry in the form of this pleated lace skirt I found in the Zara sale and my burgundy ASOS hat that very rarely seems to leave my head.




Thursday, 21 April 2016


Waiste vintage jacket / Waiste vintage dress / H&M beanie / Chloe boots / Givenchy bag / Daniel Wellington watch*

You might have seen that I did a vintage haul video recently (if you haven't, what are you waiting for? Here's a shameless plug for my YouTube channel) and in it I mentioned that one of my favourite places to shop for vintage online is a site called Waiste. Here I'm wearing two pieces I found on there, a gorgeous tapestry jacket and velvet striped dress. I'm not sure what inspired me to go ham and clash these two prints together but I ended up really liking the way they looked next to each other. Perhaps it's the more autumnal shades in both patterns but I felt a dark brown lip and bottle green beanie would complete the ensemble quite nicely.

What's your favourite online vintage store?


Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Zara cape / Topshop trousers (sold out in floral print but others here) / Novem & Knight top / Primark bag / Alexander Wang boots

Slowly but surely getting through the last of my winter looks, I seem to have accumulated more outfit posts than I anticipated so I'm going to try my hardest to post three times a week instead of my usual two. I previously wrote about being unfazed by the cape trend and how I only picked this particular one up because it reminded me of Sansa & Littlefinger's matching attire in season 5 of GoT. However since then, I've come to realise how truly versatile a cape is and how it can instantly chic-ify (I don't think that's an actual word but you know what I mean) an outfit. This time I've styled mine with some patterned trousers and a plain white crop top, which I thought looked pretty cool. Also in the literal sense of the word as I felt the wind slowly freeze that slither of exposed midriff. Call that crop top commitment throughout the winter!




Sunday, 17 April 2016


I couldn't have been more excited to be back at new theatre venue Found111 for their latest offering, a play called Bug, starring Kate Fleetwood and James Norton. After seeing The Dazzle, which was the first play they staged at the recently opened space, and crowning it the 'best play I've ever seen', I probably would have willingly gone to watch paint dry in that venue but let's not allow any previous experiences to cloud my judgement and get down to the nitty gritty. First of all the official description for Bug simply states: A seedy motel room. Oklahoma City. Summer. Agnes, a lonely cocktail waitress, is holed up from her violent ex-con ex-husband, seeking solace in drink and drugs. Until a stranger arrives. Really not much to go off and that's taking into consideration the promotional photo that depicts Kate Fleetwood and James Norton erm, sitting in a decrepit motel room. I wondered how insects would play into the storyline? There was only one way to find out. 

I arrived quite early to the venue, familiar with the drill, and the spattering of unallocated seats that meant the best places would always be taken on a first come, first served basis. Once again I found myself quickly locating a cushioned seat amongst the jumble of odd pairs, a choice that put me almost smack bang in the centre of the front row which, although usually a most desirable position, can be quite confronting at Found111 where there's no actual stage and the actors are only an arm's reach away from touching you. Bug opens in said seedy motel room when the protagonist Agnes (Kate Fleetwood), stumbles in from the bathroom, a woman of 40 odd years, dressed simply in a tank top and rather mumsy denim shorts. She and her friend are getting ready to go out to a party but her phone is constantly ringing from who she presumes to be her ex husband. After a picking it up a couple of times to no answer on the other side of the line, she no longer feels in the mood to go out and this is when her friend introduces her to the mysterious Peter (James Norton) with whom she hits it off immediately even though she knows pretty much nothing about him. He seems considerate and kind initially, looking out for Agnes' needs and though he more or less moves in with her, it never feels like he is imposing in any way. Whilst Peter is out to buy them both breakfast, Agnes' ex-husband pays an unexpected visit that results in a heated and physical argument before Peter returns. Though Agnes is adamant that she can look after herself, she finds it comforting to have Peter there for company, she admits that she's been very lonely indeed. Despite warming up to Peter, we still know very little about him. It gets to the point where it's very difficult for me to talk about the play without giving away a little bit of the story so if you want to see it completely spoiler free, perhaps stop reading here. One night whilst they are in bed, Peter tosses and turns because he keeps getting bitten by a bug. He wakes Agnes up to look for the culprit under the covers but once he finally catches it and shows it to her, Agnes can't seem to see it. If the warning bells start ringing for the audience here, unfortunately Agnes is blindsided by her fear of losing him. The situation quickly escalates as the next scene opens and it's revealed that as some time has passed, there is now well and truly a bug infestation in the motel room. This is around where Peter finally reveals his past to Agnes and why he's been so concerned about capturing all the bugs. It's an interesting twist that I didn't see coming but feels almost like a conspiracy theory straight out of a sci-fi film.

Kate Fleetwood was absolutely amazing as the protagonist, it's almost as if you saw the entire story unfold through her eyes and she perfectly portrayed all the different sides to Agnes: her strength but also her vulnerability. James Norton did a brilliant job alongside her, an attractive stranger with a dark secret. I was also equally impressed by the supporting cast who brought so much more dimension to a story that ultimately took place in a single room. Alec Newman was perfectly menacing as Agnes' ex-husband, I almost wanted to flinch every time he got close and I loved Daisy Lewis as Agnes' best friend. The entire play had a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere to it that I'm still uncertain whether the tiny venue actually attributed to or not (will have to watch more plays at Found111 before I can decide). Sat in the front row, I really had to be conscious of my position, there was a moment when James went to lie down on the  floor with his face literally a centimetre away from my foot (sorry dude) and it would be more than awkward if I accidentally obstructed or worse, hit one of the actors. Nevertheless, standout performances and quick-fire action, combined with some eerie lighting and sound work built up the play to a final crescendo. A climax that unfortunately almost had my eyes rolling all the way to the back of my head. I must admit I more or less predicted where this story was going ever since Agnes mentioned that she couldn't see the first bug and then it was revealed that Peter was a Gulf war veteran. It never occurred to me that the bugs could be anything other than a part of his delusion. However, it was more unfathomable to me that someone like Agnes (or at least I thought I knew her character in the beginning) would end up going along with it without any questions. I felt the ending was just such a disservice to her character but perhaps it's the feminist in me that sometimes clouds my judgement. Despite not having much of an emotional impact on me either, I think Bug made up for it with it's fast-paced atmosphere, it was one of those plays that gripped my attention from the get-go and had zero lulls/boring bits. It wasn't really anything compared to The Dazzle though, but I already had the sneaking suspicion that this would be the case with any play I saw after it. Speaking of, can I just randomly add that I met David Dawson again recently and the first thing he said to me was "You wrote that lovely piece (on The Dazzle) on your blog!" Like no prior convo, he literally saw me and exclaimed that. I was (who am I kidding, I still am) in such a state of shock that he a) read my blog and b) recognised me from my blog, like what?! I tried to play it cool but honestly I was totally fangirling on the inside. Now I have this irrational fear that a corresponding actor/director/playwright/anyone involved in the play will actually read every theatre review I post from now on and I'm feeling the pressure but hey, these are my own thoughts, I'm nothing but honest and plays are obviously subjective to the every audience. I also met James Norton at stage door after the play and he was so lovely, he even cheekily asked me if I actually felt itchy as a consequence of watching Bug. I must say I did for a long while afterwards and my friend who I saw it with literally dreamt that her bedroom was infested by bugs the following night. So love it or hate it, it's safe to say that this is one play that will definitely sink deep under your skin.

Bug is at Found111 until the 7th of May. All info plus tickets here.


Friday, 15 April 2016


H&M x Balmain coat / Zara flats

Not gonna lie, I'll be fully lamenting the end of coat season now that the weather has finally started to warm up. Today's look is a pretty simple one featuring another piece from the Balmain x H&M collaboration. I wasn't initially sure on the silhouette of this coat, it's got a rather oversized top half that's quite different to anything I've previously owned but given the exclusiveness of the collection, I just couldn't bear to let it go. Plus I'm really digging the navy and gold combination and I reckon I could pull off the 'bath robe' kind of look haha.



Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Dahlia dress / Muffys saddle shoes

Velvet? Check. Lace? Check. Pretty collar? Check. Have Dahlia created the purrrrfect dress? Seems so! This is definitely my ideal version of the LBD, I love the gothic Victoriana feel to it and for an evening at the theatre, I styled it with my trusty saddle shoes. The stretchy velvet was perfect for sitting down in too, you know I'm all about that comfortable life!

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